Best Baby Carrier for Toddler – When Is Your Child Too Old?

No toddler is happy to walk when you can carry them. A child cannot really understand that your hands hurt or that they are too heavy for your back. Fortunately, with the best baby carrier for toddler, you can fulfill their wishes while having your hands free.

There are many reasons why you would want to get the best baby carrier for toddler. Whether you’re running through the airport or going to the park where your stroller is unstable, there are times when you need to carry your child. Still, if your hands are busy, there are many other problems that arise. Not to mention how your back can hurt after a long day of carrying your 40 lbs child!

Fortunately, today’s market has plenty of products designed for children of all ages and sizes. Many are made specially for toddlers and can support their weight without placing unnecessary pressure on your back.

Still, with so many available products, it can be a challenge to pick the best one. To help you out, we have created a list of five best baby carriers designed for toddlers. This can help you choose the right one for you and your child. 

Here’s what they are:

Best Baby Carrier for Toddler – 5 Picks

It is human nature to always search for the best products out there. However, it isn’t always possible to select just one item and label it the best – especially with something that entirely depends on the person’s needs. 

So, we’ve chosen five products that are among the best ones, and the final decision is up to you. Once you read the reviews, you can determine which is the best baby carrier for toddler that can satisfy your requirements.

1. LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn Airflow

If you’re looking for a good carrier for toddlers that is also breathable and good all year ‘round, this might be the right one. This is a great product that will grow together with your toddler while making sure they have the optimal temperature no matter the season. 

The carrier is made out of breathable 3D mesh that prevents sweating and keeps both you and the child cool during summer months, no matter the position. While we’re at positions, this carrier offers three ways in which you can carry your child: front, back, and hip. Keep in mind that, as this is a carrier for toddlers, it isn’t suitable for forward a facing position – which isn’t an issue as you likely won’t need it.

The CarryOn carrier also has three-way straps, convenient pockets, waist belt for additional lumbar support, as well as an adjustable sleeping hood that will help your child get some peace and privacy. 

Finally, this carrier has an amazing weight capacity of 60 lbs, which is more than most other products.

+ Breathable
+ Spacious torso
+ High weight capacity
+ Great sleeping hood
– No forward facing position
– Limited color options
– May not be best fit for very tall or very short parents

2. Baby Tula Toddler Carrier

Baby Tula is one of the well-known brands when it comes to baby carriers. It’s no surprise that it also designed a product made for toddlers weighing 25 to 60 lbs. This is the tallest and widest carrier from the brand!

This is a very comfortable carrier that can help you not feel pain or tired even after hours of carrying your child. This can come in very handy during long trips or walks. As it has a great lumbar support, you can rest assured that you won’t feel any back pain once you get used to carrying your kid around. The shoulder straps and waist belt are wide and padded, helping with equal weight distribution. 

At the same time, many parents fell in love with the numerous colors and patterns this carrier comes in. No matter your personal style, you’ll certainly find the right product that can fit your outfit.

+ Great lumbar support
+ High weight capacity
+ Adjustable
+ Good choice of colors available
– Could be more breathable
– Some colors are made from different materials
– Only offers two carry positions

3. Grownsy Baby Carrier

Grownsy isn’t a well-known brand, but it offers several great and affordable baby products, and this carrier is one of them. In fact, it has one of the largest weight ranges on our list, as it is suitable for infants and toddlers alike! It can hold children anywhere between 7 and 66 lbs of weight!

The carrier supports all carry positions so it can truly adjust according to your child’s needs. It’s made out of 100% cotton that is skin friendly. Even children with sensitive skin are unlikely to get irritations from it. 

The ergonomic design keeps your child in a healthy position, and the padded materials make everything comfortable, even if you’re carrying a heavier child. The waist belt is adjustable, which also makes this a great baby carrier for bigger parents. Not to mention how everything can be adjusted and put on with one hand!

+ Great weight limit
+ Lots of carry positions
+ Suitable for infants
+ Inexpensive
– Can be awkward to use
– Low level head support
– The pouch zipper can be problematic

4. Beco Toddler Carrier

Beco is a brand known for producing some of the best baby carriers for toddlers, and this product is no different. With the weight capacity of 20-60 lbs, it’s a great choice for a growing child. You likely won’t need to buy a new carrier for a long time!

The carrier supports all carry positions, which is great news when you have such an adjustable product. Babies of different age and sizes require different carry positions, and this carrier has you covered.

Soft and flexible straps make this a rather comfortable carrier for both the parent and the baby. This is additionally enforced with a high back panel that provides enough support for a rowing child. 

This carrier comes with a detachable sleep hood and a zippered bag, so you won’t need to make any additional purchases. Also, it is machine-washable, making this a great choice for busy parents on the go. 

+ Machine-washable
+ Comfortable front carry
+ Lots of carry positions
+ High back panel
– Not suitable for infants
– Back carry isn’t comfortable
– Can rub a bit on baby’s legs

5. Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

According to many users, this could easily be the best baby carrier for toddler. In fact, it has won the “Best of 2018 Mom’s Pick” award hosted by the Baby Center. 

This is a versatile carrier that supports all carry positions. Its ergonomic design provides you with the maximum comfort, while also keeping your baby safe and sound. The carrier has cushy straps, breathable mesh, and a great lumbar support. 

The carrier supports both infants and toddlers, so it’ll grow as your child grows. Thanks to this, it can be the only carrier you’ll ever need through your parenthood. Also, you’ll be able to pick the type of fabric you want the carrier to come in. This is a rather unique option that surely leaves you feeling in charge of your child’s comfort.

However, it has a maximum weight capacity of 45, which is the lowest on our list.

+ Multiple carry positions
+ Comfortable
+ Great privacy hood
+ Great ergonomic design
– Bulky
-Weight limit could be higher
– Storage pocket is small

What Is a Toddler Baby Carrier?

Baby carriers serve to help you carry your child with you while your hands are free to do any other errands you might want. Most people use them for infants and small babies, as they can help new parents get used to having their child close to them, while still completing their day-to-day errands. Most baby carriers are slings or wraps, as they can comfortably hold the baby’s gentle head and neck. 

Toddler carriers, on the other hand, are soft-structured carriers that can hold older babies and kids that are beyond the infant stage. These carriers also have some features that set them apart from other carriers and that can help your body carry that additional weight. 

This includes:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • A waist belt
  • Wide-seat position that is healthy for baby’s hips

Of course, they have to meet the same safety regulations as any other baby carrier. 

Also, many have other amazing features, such as a protective hood to keep a child safe from UV rays and from sunburns, and a large pocket for your essentials.

Most importantly, the best baby carrier for toddler is designed in such a way to withstand a larger weight. This includes stronger materials and a better structure. Most of them aren’t simply wraps that you tie around you and your child. They come with adjustable straps and buckles, firm seats and high-quality fabrics.

Of course, you don’t need a baby carrier for a toddler in the literal sense of the word. Most toddlers can walk and you can get by without a baby carrier. However, there are many situations when you just don’t want to have a toddler roaming free. 

Not just that, but having your child use a carrier instead of running around can be really helpful, such as during grocery shopping. As such, it’s always a good idea to have a good baby carrier for toddler at hand, even if you don’t plan to use it often.

When Should You Stop Using the Baby Carrier?

Some parents love baby carriers, others consider them a necessary nuisance and cannot wait for the child to start walking everywhere on their own. Still, there are many benefits to carrying your child in a carrier compared to using your hands. 

However, one question most parents wonder is when is a child too old for a baby carrier? We’ll explain.

In short, there isn’t a maximum age when your child becomes too old. This is something that entirely depends on your child. In fact, your children can change their preferences in a matter of weeks. A toddler that loved using carriers might simply wake up one morning and decide they want to walk everywhere now. 

First and foremost, all baby carriers have a weight limit instead of an age limit. In other words, they get too small once your child reaches a certain weight, not age. Most carriers have a limit of 30 to 50 lbs, but there are some heavy-duty carriers that can carry up to 70 lbs. Keep in mind, though, that we’re talking about the weight of the baby and the gear. The manufacturer should always list the maximum child weight. 

Most of the time, it is the end when you feel like it, or when the child starts refusing to be carried around. Some parents prefer to carry their children as late as five years old! As long as you have the best baby carrier for toddler, you won’t strain your back, no matter how heavy your child is. 

Still, most people decide to stop carrying their children when they are old enough to walk next to them alone. 

The Bottom Line

Even though using a baby carrier for your toddler might not seem like a necessary task, it can still be a good idea to have a product that you can have at stand by. There are many situations that might require you to have your little bundle of joy nearby, and it’s better to always be prepared. 

The best baby carrier for toddler should be fit to hold your child’s weight, but also comfortable enough not to cause you any back pain. Even though it isn’t recommended that you have a toddler in the carrier for too long, you still have to think about the unpredictable.

Most importantly, you need to look at products that are a perfect fit for your child and yourself. Don’t look at your neighbor or friend and just buy the same item they do, as chances are you’ll pick the wrong one for you. While you won’t make a mistake with any of the products we’ve listed, it’s important that you look at the characteristics carefully and see which one is the right fit for you.