Best Baby Carrier for Twins – Product Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you expecting twins, but don’t know how you’ll manage to deal with all the errands while carrying two infants in your arms? Strollers are a useful tool, but they’re not for every occasion. As such, chances are you’ll have use of some of the best baby carriers for twins. 

Baby carriers are a great way for you to carry your kids with you while having both of your hands free. However, you probably don’t know that there are baby carriers especially designed for parents with twins. 

A normal, soft structured carrier might not be the best choice for twins. These babies tend to be smaller than regular infants – not to mention the elephant in the room, which is that there are two of them!

Fortunately, if you know how to pick the best baby carrier for twins, you can make your everyday life much more comfortable. As the market is filled with various products, it can be challenging to know which one you should pick. This is why we’ve created a list of top 4 best products that are sure to be of use to you.

Let’s get started:

Best Baby Carrier for Twins – Top 4 Products

It is challenging to take one product and label it as the best one of them all. This is because different parents and different kids have different needs. What works for you might not work for someone else. 

However, we’ve picked four products that you can hardly go wrong with. Here’s what they are:

1. TOP PICK: TwinGo Carrier

This is one of the best carriers for heavy-duty users who prefer versatile products, and who are ready to pay a higher price for a high-quality item. 

This is a sturdy product that allows you to wear both of your twins at the same time and to regain some comfort. At the same time, if this is what you prefer, you can also use it to wear your kids separately. 

The carrier has a combined weight limit of 70 lbs, which is quite a lot for twins. You can use it to tandem-wear your kids from the moment they are 4 mounts. Unfortunately, this carrier does take some getting used to, and it can be challenging to put on. 

+ Suitable for breastfeeding
+ Durable and sturdy
+ Versatile
+ Comes with zipper pouch and hood
– Infant insert is purchased separately
– Challenging to put on
– Rather bulky

2. Malishastik Twin Ring Sling

Malishastik Twin Ring Sling is an excellent choice for parents on the budget who are looking for a simple yet functional twin baby carrier. 

This carrier holds your kids in an an ergonomic position, with one leg either side of your hips. This helps you to evenly distribute the weight, without putting an additional pressure on your bones. However, this is the only holding position as the product isn’t really versatile. 

The product is designed with 50% cotton and 50% linen, making it soft, comfortable, and very breathable. It is adjustable, but not as much as some other models. Still, as this is a carrier designed for infants and young babies, this is exactly how much adjustment you’ll need.

+ Thorough instruction manual
+ Breathable
+ Simple to use
+ Very comfortable
– Isn’t as versatile as some of its rivals
– No head support
– Can’t separate into two carriers

3. Malishastik 4 in 1 Twin Babywearing Carrier

This is a great baby carrier for toddler twins, or at least older babies. It has a combined weight limit of 66 lbs, but the minimum recommended weight is 10 lbs, which means it might not be the best choice for smaller infants. 

The carrier is designed to be forward facing, so it isn’t as versatile as some other products. However, it makes it effortless to carry both of your children at the same time thanks to the thick padding.

The product sports a padded waist belt and lumbar support that help both you and your kids maintain a healthy posture, which is very important for comfort and development. As it’s made out of cotton, it is very breathable. Also, it is machine-washable, so you won’t have to a spend lot of time cleaning the mess behind your kids.

+ Comfortable
+ Great for young toddlers
+ Machine-washable
+ Breathable
– Doesn’t feel as sturdy as other carriers
– Not that versatile
– Not suitable for infants

4. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

This is yet another great baby carrier for twins. It is a wrap type of carrier that was originally designed for one child, but as parents discovered it can be used for two kids, more and more people are buying it for this purpose. 

While using it as a twin carrier takes some getting used to, it is a great carrier to help hold your twins in place. It keeps your children on your chest, snuggled together, which can help strengthen their mutual bond. Overall, no matter if you plan on using it as a single or twin carrier, this can be a great product for you.

This is a great all-season carrier that can be used both in winter and in summer thanks to its breathable materials that still stay warm when they need to. This helps your twins stay cozy all year long. 

+ Great for one baby and twins
+ Comfortable
+ Very easy to clean
+ Inexpensive
– Can be awkward to put on
– Babies stay very close together, which
may make them anxious
– May not be suited to hot climates

How to Pick the Best Baby Carrier for Twins

There are many benefits to choosing to carry your babies with you, instead of using a stroller. Bonding and colic relief are some of them, but most importantly, baby carriers help you free your hands for any other task you might be required to do. 

The best baby carrier for twins can help you cook a dinner without having to put down your little bundles of joy. Also, they can help you get to places you couldn’t go to with strollers – like running through the airport or getting into compact cars.

Still, some carriers are better than the others. When picking the right one, there are some features you should take into consideration. This is what they are:

Ergonomic Design

Even though twins are smaller than regular infants, they grow fast and they can quickly end up being too heavy for you. As such, weight distribution is one of the most important features in the best baby carrier for twins. Fortunately, most of these products truly take these things into consideration, so there isn’t much for you to worry about.


No matter the type of baby carrier you choose, there is one important thing for you to think about. Would you prefer to have a single carrier that can hold both of your babies, or would you prefer using two products and carry them in tandem?

Ease of Use

With two babies, life is already complicated enough without having to tie in all the various buckles and belts. You only have one pair of hands, and it’s important for you to find a carrier that you can put on you without too much hassle. If the instruction is too long, chances are you’ll have issues using it while having to take care of two babies at the same time.


A good carrier has to be strong, supportive, and comfortable for not just you, but the babies, as well. This is why you should always opt for a durable fabric that can allow your babies to be safe and secure. Not just that, but the fabric should be breathable, so you don’t sweat too much. Not to mention that both you and your baby can overheat! Carrying two babies is like a workout, and you don’t want to do this in thick clothes.

Easy to Clean

When you have a baby, you know that accidents are bound to happen. When you have two, this will only double! You can expect all sorts of liquids to go everywhere, including your new baby carrier. From explosive diapers to impromptu vomiting down your back, babies make a mess. Because of this, it’s important that all of your baby products are effortless to clean. Your best option would be to find a baby carrier that is machine-washable, as they are hassle-free. You simple put them into the washer and let the machine do the dirty work instead of you.

Safety and Comfort

All baby products, from toys to strollers, have to be comfortable and safe for the baby. When you choose a carrier, it’s essential to get a product that will allow you to hold your babies in the correct position. A baby carrier should provide your newborn and toddler with ample spine support, while also supporting their pelvis. This will ensure regular joint and muscle growth. If your carrier cannot hold your baby in the right position, they are at a higher risk of developing conditions such as hip dysplasia.

The Verdict

When it comes to choosing the best baby carrier for twins, the best advice we can give you is to follow your gut and choose the product that is the best fit for you and your needs. Don’t just look at what carrier your best friend bought and spend money on the same one thinking it will fit. This is how most mistakes are made. We liked the TwinGo carrier as the sturdiness gave us that extra peace of mind.

Safety is the most important feature you need to look at. As long as the carrier is safe and supports your child in the proper way, all other features can be discussed and left up to your preferences and opinions.

Of course, all of the products we’ve listed here have been tested and all meet the best safety standards possible. No matter which one you choose, you’re likely to use this carrier for a very long time, and hopefully love every minute of it. 

If you’ve properly chosen a carrier, this item could be one of the biggest helping hands in your everyday life. This is why it’s important to think thoroughly before buying it.