Nanit Vs Owlet – Which Baby Monitor Is the Best?

Babies are delicate little beings that need to be monitored all the time. This is where baby monitors come into play. However, the Nanit vs Owlet choice can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to start. 

Nanit and Owlet are among the leading brand in the world of baby monitors. So it’s easy to see why someone would get stuck when faced with such a choice between the two. However, when it comes to picking a baby product, you likely don’t want anything short of perfect. Still, as both of these brands are on the upper end of most budgets, choosing the wrong one can be costly. 

To help you out, we have created a review to compare Nanit vs Owlet baby monitors. This way, you will know what to expect from both products so you can pick the right one without too much hassle. 

This is what we’ve found:

Why Should You Use A Baby Monitor?

You may even be wondering why are baby monitors so important? And do you even need one? 

Baby monitors are used to help you keep a watchful eye on your baby from the other room. Commonly you can monitor them via audio or visual feeds. But with advances in technology, you can now even monitor their breathing. The breathing monitors will assess your baby’s breathing and set off an alarm in case the breathing stops or if there’s something wrong with it. 

Breathing monitors can be extremely useful as : 

  • They help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It is estimated that about 2,300 babies in the US alone die from SIDS every year. This condition usually affects babies between one and four months of age, and it’s more common in baby boys. 
  • If you have a premature child, or a child with specific health requirements, they can help ensure you can assess the baby’s vital signs.
  • They can help you get sleep data for your baby. With them, you’ll know whether your little bundle of joy is getting plenty of rest. 

Baby breathing monitors give you the peace of mind when you leave your child asleep alone, after all you still need to run all those necessary errands. It is always a good idea to have one as a backup just in case. 

Nanit Vs Owlet – Brand Overview

To start our comparison we’ll dig into a bit about the history of both companies. While not everything can be concluded simply based on the fact of which brand is older, there are some things that can help you understand the brand’s reputation and why it has the customer’s loyalty it does. 

Let’s begin.


Nanit is a company founded in 2014 by Assaf Glazer who was disappointed with the available baby monitors once he had his first child. He considered them to be poorly designed with just a few limited capabilities. 

As such, he decided to gather a team of experts in baby’s health and safety and to create Nanit – a smart monitor system that does many things other than to livestream your baby. One of those things is the monitoring of a baby’s sleep pattern and breathing. 

The purpose of Nanit is to help parents know the condition of their child no matter where they are, and to ensure a baby’s safety. 


Owlet is slightly younger, being set up in 2015 by co-founders Kurt Workman, Jordan Monroe, Zach Bomsta, and Jacob Colvin. Workman’s wife has a heart condition, so when she was expecting, they were worried about the health of their baby and whether her condition would be inherited. As they didn’t want to take any chances, Workman teamed with the other three dads and the four of them invented Owlet. 

Their goal was to invent a product that had better features than other items on the market, so they could be entirely certain their babies were in good health. This is how their first product, the Owlet Smart Sock, was found. 

Owlet remains one of the top high-end baby safety products.  

Nanit Vs Owlet – Product Overview

Now we will delve into the best products these brands offer, in order to decide which brand comes out on top.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand

This is a multi-purpose device that can help you get a detailed overview of your baby’s condition no matter where you are. The camera gives you a 1080p bird’s eye view of your little one, night or day. You can access it from anywhere using your Android, iOS, Echo Show, or Kindle Fire device. 

The floor stand can either stand freely thanks to the attachable additional leg that comes with the package, or it can lean against the wall behind the crib. The cabling is safely designed, and all electronic parts come with a 1-year warranty.

The device uses audio recording even when your screen is turned off, so you’ll always be able to access the real-time sound. It will also monitor the humidity and the temperature of the nursery, so you’ll know your baby is comfortable. 

Most importantly, this device monitors your baby’s breathing and sleeping pattern. You can get a timelapse of the baby’s night once they wake up, as well as the tracking of the baby’s breaths per minutes. Don’t worry – the app will do this without ever touching your baby. If there is any sign for concern, the app will send you an alert right away. 

Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System

This packaged bundle comes with many items, such as: 

  • The Nanit Pro Camera
  • Breathing Band
  • Nanit Smart Sheet
  • Multi-Stand

This will ensure you get everything you need to stay in touch with your baby. 

The camera and the microphone have all the properties of the Pro Smart Baby Monitor, so you’ll always have eyes and ears on your infant. You simply connect the units with your mobile device and you can rest assured knowing your child is safe. Just like the Baby Monitor, the bundle comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The device offers you personalized, science-backed sleep guidance for your infant based on the results from the app. Also, with the help of the breathing band, you can have more details about your child’s breathing. If they stop breathing just for a second, the app will alert you so can immediately attend to them. These features are an excellent way to ensure your child is safe all the time. 

Owlet Cam Baby Monitor

The Owlet Cam Baby Monitor is a self-standing small device that gives you a wide-angle view of your baby and their crib. Not just that, but the app has a sound detector that will alert you whenever the baby is awake. You can also use the background audio check to always listen to your baby, even while you use your phone for other things. 

Of course, all the data that the Owlet sends to you is encrypted and available only from your device. Another safety feature is the wall mounting kit that will make sure all the cables stay away from your child’s hands. 

The device also tracks humidity and temperature levels in the room. This way, you can always know whether your child is in a comfortable and safe environment. 

You can use this device on its own, or pair it with the Smart Sock to get a more in-depth review of your infant’s overall condition. 

Owlet Smart Sock3

This is the upgraded version of the first Smart Sock the Owlet has produced. The Smart Sock is an innovative product that tracks baby’s oxygen level and heart rate. This is something that is impossible with the use of baby monitors alone. 

The Smart Sock can be connected with your device even without the camera. It will track your child’s vital signs. If there are any abnormalities detected, the base station will turn red instead of green and the app will start off an alarm. 

As you can see, the Smart Sock doesn’t monitor the baby’s breathing in the traditional way. However, it gives you highly accurate results and the chances of having a false alarm are very slim. Of course, if you pair it with the baby monitor, you’ll get a complete overview of your child’s health.

The Verdict

It is challenging to determine which one is batter when it comes to Nanit vs Owlet. Both brands have amazing products, and both have features that the other one doesn’t.

Overall, we can see that the Nanit’s breathing monitor has a stand, and it can be glued to the wall. This allows you a near perfect unobstructed view of your baby. You might have a hard time finding the perfect location for your Owlet’s cam, with the view likely to be obscured to some degree by the crib bars. 

On the other hand, if you use the Owlet’s monitor with the Smart Sock, you’ll get detailed oxygen and heart beat information that isn’t possible using the Nanit’s product alone. This might be why we, along with a lot of other parents will slightly lean toward the Owlet’s products – however, the final conclusion is up to you as we. Although we would not disagree if you opted for the Nanit.

Both brands have been certified by experts and are loved by parents worldwide. You’ll hardly make a mistake no matter which one you decide on.