Best Convertible Stroller: Top 5 Products Reviewed & How to Buy

Buying a perfect stroller is likely one of the biggest purchases you’ll make once you become a new parent – especially when there is a child number two on the way. When this happens, you might want to find the best convertible stroller for your needs.

A convertible stroller is a unique type of stroller in that you can use it for both your newborn and your toddler. It is a single stroller that you can convert into a double stroller – and vice versa. To do so, all you need to do is to attach an infant car seat, a bassinet, or a second stroller car seat. 

As you can see, these strollers are quite unique and helpful. However, how do you pick the best convertible stroller, and what are some things you should be mindful of? 

Here’s what we’ve found out:

Best Convertible Stroller: Top 5 Picks

1. Best for Bigger Kids: Baby Jogger City Select 2

Baby Jogger is a brand known for making high-quality strollers at an affordable price. The same could be said for their City Select 2 model, which was designed especially for urban city parents. It has a superb, beautiful design that will make people think you’ve spent a fortune on it.  

This is a versatile stroller that is advertised as all-terrain – but we’d still say it’s best when used on concrete, as it won’t do that well when you have to go up the hill. Just like all convertible strollers, this unit can work as a double or a single, and it’s an amazing choice for larger kids or twins. This is thanks to the capability to attach a glider board for when you want to use it for a bigger child.

Another proof of the stroller’s versatility is its seat. There are 16 different seating configurations to choose from! However, this also means that the stroller is front-heavy and long, something that many convertible strollers struggle with. 

Still, this is an amazing stroller for taller parents as it has that additional ‘kick’ space. Also, it meets all the Disney standards!

+ Can adapt for twins or 2 children of different ages
+ Adequate space for tall parents
+ Lots of space for kids
+ Disney approved
– Not good for hilly terrains
– Heavy
– Challenging to fold

2. Premium Pick: UPPABaby Vista V2

If you’re looking for a premium stroller and aren’t afraid of spending a bit more money on it, this might be the best convertible stroller for you. This is a high-quality stroller that will cater to most of parents’ and children’s needs!

This stroller has a great weight limit. The toddler seat can hold up to 50 lbs, and the rumble seat can hold additional 35 lbs. At the same time, the bassinet can accommodate newborns up to 20 lbs of weight. This makes it a rather strong stroller that can hold children of various age. 

The unit comes with many additional features, such as the telescoping handlebar, a huge storage basket, the aforementioned bassinet, and the rather versatile rumble seat. The stroller is easy to fold and it can self-stand once you fold it. 

The top-notch build quality will make this stroller last for a very long time, and it can grow together with your family.

+ Easy to use
+ Versatile
+ Great for tall parents
+ Amazing sun canopy
+ High quality, luxury feel to it
– Not many differences to the more
affordable original Vista model
– No snack tray
– No cupholder

3. Best for Budget: Britax B Lively

If you’re looking for a good convertible stroller that also won’t break your pocket, this might be the perfect product for you. Britax B Lively is a lightweight stroller perfect for occasional strolling with your twins or toddlers.

Once you fold it, this stroller will be fit to fit inside the trunk of most cars, and it might even be compatible for airplanes. Its small weight is also great for carrying with you on travel, so no matter where you go you can carry it with you. 

The single action brakes are easy to set and release even if you’re wearing sandals. The storage bin is decent and you can fit the entire large diaper bag. You can also access this via a portal on the front, which is a rather unique feature.

The sunshade is fairly large and expansive, and it comes with a large mesh peek-a-boo window. The seat reclines and you can operate it with one hand. This is a great option for any time of day. 

+ Great for travelling
+ Easily folds
+ Decent storage
+ Foot-friendly brake
– Harness can be tricky to use
– Wheels are plastic
– Questionable durability

4. Lightweight Pick: Bugaboo Donkey 3

Bugaboo Donkey has high-quality strollers with unique features that aren’t easy to find in other strollers of similar price range. 

When used as a single stroller, this unit comes with a unique luggage basket that is positioned sidecar. Once the time comes to turn it into a double stroller, you should remove that basket and expand the stroller for five inches so the second seat can be added. This makes for a side-by-side stroller that has 17 configurations!

This is one of the most lightweight strollers from our list, weighting only 31 lbs as a double! It also has a great weight limit, as it can accommodate 50 lbs per seat. You can fold it even if both seats are attached – but this will be easier to complete if the seats are dismantled. 

The stroller is easy to maneuver, and it’s suitable for most terrains, including snow and sand. Also, both seats can be converted from bassinets, and they can self-stand.

+ Lightweight
+ Amazing weight capacity
+ Can fold with both seats
+ High-quality materials
– Rather wide
– Folding with both seats can be awkward
– May not be the best option for infants

5. Best Value for the Price: Evenflo Pivot Xpand

This is a near-perfect stroller for people who have two kids (or who plan on having another one). In fact, it can even accommodate up to three kids with the help of a rider board! This makes it one of the more versatile strollers on the market. 

This is a cost-efficient stroller that will last you for a rather long time. The seat can be setup in many different ways. No matter what you choose, the under seat storage will remain huge, and you can put many items in there, including a large diaper bag. 

The brake is effortless to use even if you are wearing sandals. The seats are comfortable and come with four use mods, so your child can enjoy it no matter the occasion.

Just keep in mind that all additional seats have to be purchased separately.

+ Amazing storage
+ Great value for money
+ Can seat up to 3 kids
+ 22 seat configurations with 4 modes
– Difficulties in maneuvering
– Not the best for two toddlers
– No specials features

What Is a Convertible Stroller?

Convertible strollers are designed to adapt to the parent’s needs all the way from birth of a first child, and even after the birth of a second one. They have multiple configurations that can help you adjust your stroller whether you have a newborn, toddlers, or even a bigger baby. You can use them to fit in with your changing needs.

With a convertible stroller, you don’t have to worry about changing strollers when your needs change. One unit will be enough for most of your needs.

Some advantages of finding the best convertible stroller are:

  • They are versatile.
  • They are of great value. 
  • They ‘grow’ with your family.

On the other hand, there are a few general downsides of convertible strollers you should be mindful of. These include:

  • They are bulkier, even as a single stroller.
  • They tend to be more expensive.

How to Choose the Best Convertible Stroller

When buying the best convertible stroller for your needs, there are several factors you should consider. While all strollers should fit to your unique needs, some features are a must-have and all strollers should have them.

Here’s what they are:


All strollers need to be safe and secure. This is why manufacturer installs sturdy harnesses that will provide the unit with stability and security. Your kids mustn’t be able to slip away or escape during the ride. Always look for stroller models with a 5-point harness, which are safer than those with a 3-point harness. 

Another way the manufacturer ensures safety is to include a wheel suspension system with high-quality brakes. Strollers shouldn’t be able to move once parked, and you should be able to press the brake easily.

Sun canopies are a good way to keep your kid safe from the sun and the UV rays. They ensure better, more comfortable rides and serve as another level of safety.


Your kids should feel comfortable while riding in the convertible strollers and all the additional seats. Sun canopy can provide your child with not just safety, but comfort alike. This is why they are one of the essential parts of every stroller. Also, your stroller should have a ventilation system that will ensure breathability.

All materials used have to be soft and relax so the child doesn’t sweat while sitting on them. Also, they shouldn’t feel any pressure from the materials. Fabric should be cozy and provide ultimate relaxation. This way, your child will love to sit in the stroller and enjoy its comfort. 

Ergonomic design is another crucial role. The seat has to be high-quality and to fit your child perfectly. As you might use this as a double stroller, you also want two seats to be separated enough so your children don’t start fighting or bothering each other during the ride. 


Convertible strollers need to be adjustable, flexible, and versatile. They should provide ultimate comfort to not just your kids, but to the parents, as well. Adjustable handles are always a nice touch, as they can help tall parents use the stroller without hunching.

Overall, they should sport several reclining positions that suit your child’s mood. If your kid wants to nap, you should be able to lower the seat down, and if they are more active, you should be able to lift the seat up. Also, there should be several riding options, and the best convertible stroller should fit all terrain rides.

Good tires are a good feature that ensures versatility, as they can help you use your stroller not just on concrete, but on gravel or beach sand alike. 

Finally, all good convertible strollers should be foldable. This can help you take your stroller on travels with you no matter where you go.

Additional Features

Additional features aren’t necessary, but as their name suggests – additional. They depend entirely on your needs and preferences, and as such you should be able to choose the one that’ll fit your needs.

For example, if you have twins, you want a stroller that comes with bassinets and infant seats while they are very young. If your kids have a significant age gap, you don’t need as many seat arrangements. However, you’d still want them to have rear-facing and forwarding options.

Large baskets are another great feature you might need. They are great to pack not just your kids’ items, but your own, as well. Some parents don’t mind carrying additional bags next to the stroller. Others would prefer to have their hands free to take care of their young one.

Keep in mind that these features can be rather expensive.  It is up to you to decide what additional features you’d like, and which ones you can live without.

Bottom Line

Now you’ve seen our list of best convertible strollers, and it’s time to pick the one that’s fit to your needs. We hope this guide helped you narrow down your list. All of the strollers we’ve listed are high-quality and you won’t make a mistake when choosing either one of them.

Keep in mind that you need to look for a product that’s fit to your needs. Don’t just look at what someone else has bought and purchase the same one. The best convertible stroller for you is out there, and all you need to do is conduct a little bit of research before making a purchase. Check out our Ultimate Stroller Buying Guide for more reading!