Tula Baby Carrier Vs Ergo – Which One Is The Winner?

Are you having a hard time choosing between Tula baby carrier vs Ergo? Well, you’re not the only one. These two are among the best-selling baby product brands out there, and their baby carriers are of outstanding quality.

Picking the best baby carrier out there is not an easy task. This is one of the most important investments you’ll make, as baby carriers can help your life as a parent much easier. If you choose well, you’ll have a carrier that you’ll be able to use for years to come. 

When the market is oversaturated with products, it’s easy to end up feeling overwhelmed, especially when there are two brands you can’t seem to decide between, such as Tula baby carrier vs Ergo. 

We’re here to help you out! We’ve looked at two of the most popular carriers from both brands and we’ve decided to give you our verdict.

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Tula Baby Carrier Vs Ergo – Overview

Before we begin looking at the Tula baby carrier vs Ergo comparison, you should look at both products independently, so you can know their features and what both offer. 

Ergobaby Omni 360

Ergo is known as the brand with many benefits, and this baby carrier has them all. This includes ergonomic design, a lumbar support that will keep your back free from pressure, as well as design that allows the healthy hip development, preventing hip dysplasia.

This carrier is made out of 100% cotton, making it soft and breathable, so it’s a great choice no matter the season. At the same time, it is enforced with antimicrobial fabrics, serving as a hygienic barrier between your little bundle of joy and the outside world.

The carrier’s fabrics are also non-toxic and machine-washable. You can simply put them in the machine and let it do the dirty work. It’s suitable for babies and toddlers weighing 7 to 45 lbs, while allowing you to carry them facing out, facing in, on the hip, or on the back.

Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier

The Tula Explore carrier is great for both newborns and toddlers, allowing you to carry your child for the first few years. This can help your budget, as you won’t have to look to purchase a new product after a few months. 

This is a versatile carrier that can allow you to personalize your babywear. It comes in many prints and colors, so you’ll certainly be able to find one that fits your style. The fabric is rather durable, and it won’t wear out after months of use. It’s also machine-washable.

This carrier can carry babies and toddlers weighing up to 45 lbs, and it doesn’t require an infant insert. An optional zip-down large mesh panel assures additional breathability, which can be life-saving during hot, summer days. 

Tula Baby Carrier Vs Ergo – Comparison

Since you’re here, we’re guessing you want to know all about the Tula vs Ergo baby carrier comparison. There are a few things we’ve found.

What’s Similar

First off, both of these baby carriers fall into the just-above-average price range. This makes them accessible to most people of various financial statuses. 

Both carriers are intended for babies weighing 7 to 45 lbs, making them a great choice for both infants and toddlers of 3-4 years. This great weight range means you’ll be able to use them for a very long time. Chances are both can be the only carrier you’ll need until your child can walk with you all the time.

They both are ergonomically designed with hoods included. Both are machine-washable, so they are great for busy parents who don’t have the time to deal with extensive cleaning. 

What’s Different

While these two baby carriers have lots of similarities, they are also different in many ways that we’ll explore here. 

While both carriers are breathable, there are a few notable differences. They are made out of cotton, but Tula only has a mesh window, while Ergo is designed with the integrated mesh. While this makes Ergo Omni a better choice in the summer, the Tula can be used all-year long. During the winter, you can simply not use the zip mesh window to preserve warmth.

The Tula carrier doesn’t require an infant insert, while it is required for the Ergo 360 one. Sure, it’s easy to install, but that is one additional step that you won’t need with the Tula carrier.

The Ergo Omni 360 has a unique form of hygienic barrier, which is becoming an increasingly popular feature. With it, your child’s sensitive skin will be safe from most microorganisms that might harm it.

They both have multiple carrying positions (facing front, facing inward, and back carry), making them a versatile option no matter your preferences. However, the Ergo Omni 360 also includes a useful hip carry position.

Both carriers are well-padded and comfortable. You can carry them for hours without worrying that you might hurt your shoulders or back. However, the thick padding makes it challenging to buckle the Tula baby carrier on your own, especially if you’re on the shorter side. The Tula carrier seems a bit unfit for shorter parents altogether.

Ergobaby offer the exceptional ErgoPromise Guarantee, which is is a life time warranty against all manufacturing or material defects on all carriers made from 2017. Tula baby offers a comparative two year warranty on it’s carriers.

Finally, while not essential, Tula baby carriers come in a wide array of colors, so they can make a great fashion statement, as well.

The Verdict

Overall, when it comes to Tula baby carrier vs Ergo, both are amazing carriers that have plenty of benefits. They are comfortable, versatile, great for babies and toddlers so you can use them for many years, and they are machine-washable to help save your time.

What’s the better carrier purely depends on your preferences. If you’re on the shorter side, looking for a great carrier for summer, and have a child with sensitive skin, Ergo Omni 360 might be an amazing choice. On the other hand, if you require an all-seasons carrier for your small infant, and would like a carrier to go with your style, Tula Explore might be the better one for you.

Our overall pick would be the Ergo Omni 360 just for the added hip carry position and the added peace of mind with the ErgoPromise.

No matter your choice, both are excellent baby carriers that you can go no wrong with. Still, we hope this review helped clear out some differences between these two amazing products.