Best Baby Carrier for Travel – Product Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Are you someone that loves travelling, but find it challenging to keep your child close to you during walks? Don’t worry – this is something lots of parents deal with. However, if you get the best baby carrier for travel, you might deal with these issues. 

The best baby carrier for travel can help you move from one location to another one with ease. 

At the same time, they will help you bond with your newborn, as you’ll take them no matter where you go.

However, when a market is oversaturated with a certain product, you might find yourself struggling to pick the right product for you and your child. To help you out, we have created a list of the best baby carriers for travel, while also helping you learn what you need to look for in a good product.

Best Baby Carrier for Travel – Top 5 Picks

When you see such a huge list of baby products on the market, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. You may not even know where to start! 

To give you a helping hand, here is our list of top 5 best baby carriers for travel:

1. Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child Carrier and Backpack

This is one of the best products if you’re looking for a premium baby carrier for hiking. It comes with a sturdy frame that will allow your toddler to sit up on high, providing them with a great outdoor experience. It will give your child the feeling that you’re on a great adventure together!

It is designed for babies, toddlers, and even small children alike. The ergonomic design ensures both the parent and the child are comfortable, no matter the child’s age. It comes with a 5-point safety harness, adjustable stirrups that enable comfortable seating positions, and an adjustable seat. 

Not just that, but the product is approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, and it’s entirely crafted with child safety in mind. The back system with the Aircontact Pro Foam padding further helps with this, while also boosting breathability. 

This baby carrier has a sturdy design thanks to the aluminum frame that will likely last you for a very long time. It comes with a sunroof for summer days. Also, the chin pad is washable, so cleaning is fairly easy.

+ Loads of storage
+ Very durable
+ JPMA approved
+ Great weight capacity
– Heavy
– Can be challenging to use
– High price tag

2. Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

If you have a baby that weighs between 12 and 45 lbs, this might be the best baby carrier for travel. It is a high-quality product made out of lightweight materials, making it effortless to carry with you. 

This is a versatile product that you can use in all sorts of ways. You can carry your child in almost any position imaginable! This includes both the inward and outward positions, or wearing it on the back or the hip. 

The carrier will support your growing baby’s hip, allowing them to seat in the optimal ‘M’ position no matter how you choose to carry it. It comes with a UPF 50+ tuckaway baby hood that will keep your kid protected against harmful sun rays and even wind!

The padded shoulder straps help you use it for a prolonged period of time, and the adjustable waistband makes it great for parents of all sizes.

+ Versatile
+ Easy to use
+ Ergonomic design
+ Comfortable
– Infant inserts not included
– Rather big
– Bulky straps

3. LÍLLÉbaby Complete Airflow

This is a fantastic baby carrier that is intended to be carried on the hip. You can use it for infants and toddlers alike, as it can suit children of several ages. 

The best feature of this carrier are the mesh panels that enable great airflow. No matter the weather, the carrier is breathable, and you will hardly sweat while wearing it. If you live in hot climates or plan on using a carrier in the summer, this might be the best baby carrier for you.

This is a comfortable carrier thanks to its wide straps with thick padding. However, they might be a bit bulky, which is a standard price for comfort. The carrier has an ergonomic design, helping you carry your newborns in the best position possible. 

You can use this carrier in six different styles, and the versatile two-ways straps allow you to use it both front-facing and in the backpack style. It also comes with a large storage pocket, as well as the removable sleeping hood.

+ Versatile, multi-position carry
+ Large storage pocket
+ Breathable
+ Comfortable
– Bulky straps
– Takes a lot of space
– Challenging to put on

4. Baby Tula Coast Explore Mesh Baby Carrier

This is yet another lightweight carrier that is great for travels. It is made out of 100% cotton that ensures the material is comfortable and soft. At the same time, it has a large mesh panel that provides additional breathability. This will keep both the parent and the baby cool.

The entire carrier is machine-washable, so it’s effortless to clean. If you’re a parent on the go, this feature can be crucial. 

The carrier can be used in many carry positions – or, as the manufacturer would say, in every carry position possible. This includes front facing in, front facing out, as well as the back carry. No matter which positions you choose, both you and your toddler will stay comfortable.

The shoulder straps and the waistband are padded and adjustable, so parents of all sizes can wear it. This can be useful if both parents need to use it, especially since adjusting everything is as effortless as can get. 

+ Adjustable newborn neck pillow included
+ Multiple carry positions
+ Machine-washable
+ Size adjustable
– Might not be the best for tiny infants
– Buckles tricky to latch
– Not the best lumbar support

5. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

This might be the best baby carrier for travel if you’re having an infant or a young toddler. It has a weight capacity of 35 lbs, and it should be the go-to baby carrier for your first three months of parenthood – although you can use it for a bit longer.

It is designed with the soft and stretchy machine-washable fabric and all you need to do is to tie it around you and your baby’s body. You may even be able to breastfeed in it, and it’ll provide a privacy shield!

It is made to be comfortable for both the baby and the parent. The carrier provides an ergonomic weight distribution, so it won’t create too much pressure on your shoulders and back.

The fabric is 95% cotton and it has some spandex in it. In other words, it’s breathable yet elastic enough to retain its shape without loosening or sagging after prolonged use. 

+ Great for infants
+ Suitable for breastfeeding
+ Machine-washable
+ Durable
– Not suitable for toddlers
– Takes time to get used to using
– Can get warm

What to Consider when Buying the Best Baby Carrier for Travel

When making the decision to buy the best baby carrier for travel, there are several things you need to take into consideration. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to look for everything we list. Some features are more important for some people than for others. However, a proper buyer’s guide can help you know what it is you’re looking for. 

Without further ado, here are some things you should think about before your purchase:


Baby carriers come in several different types. While we cannot point at the single one and say: This one is the best!, each has its own pros and cons that can make them a better choice for a specific purpose. 

These are the types of baby carriers:

  • Front facing carrier: This is the most popular type of carrier, and it’s usually great for both toddlers and newborns. Your kid could be facing inwards or outwards, and you’ll be able to carry them on your chest, without using your hands.
  • Backpack style carriers: These carriers allow you to carry your child on your back. They are also great for toddlers that would like to nap during hiking. However, you won’t be able to watch over them.
  • Wrap and sling carriers: These two types of carriers are very similar. They are mostly made from a soft woven material that you can wrap around your back and shoulders. The biggest difference is that sling carriers require you to use one hand, while wrap carriers leave your arms free.


Comfort is an important consideration when purchasing the carrier. The best baby carrier for travel should always provide you with adequate comfort and support. Your back and shoulders face lots of pressure, especially if you’re carrying your child for a prolonged period of time. A good carrier should be padded and adjusted for personal comfort. 

At the same time, the carrier should be comfortable for your baby, and provide the right support for their head and neck, especially if they are newborns. Also, they should provide great hip and leg support for your baby.


This is a key priority to all parents, as we all would want our child to stay safe. All baby products should meet the safety requirements. However, the safety concerns vary depending on the baby’s age. For example, newborns should have the right head, neck, and spinal support. Toddlers, on the other hand, can hold their heads upwards on their own. They would have more use of a carrier that would allow them to move their heads and legs freely.


There are many versatile baby carriers out there. These products should allow you to carry your little bundle of joy in many different positions. Also, they can accommodate different parent body types, so everyone would be able to use them. 

For example, petite parents might feel better carrying their child in a front-facing position. On the other hand, heavier parents with a larger frame can use the backpack position, as well.


Baby carriers should allow you to have your child close to you, while keeping your hands free. They can be really useful during travel, as they can help you pack and go everywhere with your baby with you all the time. 

For a carrier to be convenient, you’d want to look for a product that is effortless to put on and off. This will allow you to use it no matter the moment. Also, buckles should be easy to use. Otherwise, the carrier might not be as safe as you want it to be.

Easy to Maintain

Let’s face it. Most parents simply don’t have the time for additional cleaning. When you’re choosing a good product for your child, you’d want to look for one that is effortless to clean. The best option is to look for a carrier that is machine-washable and dryer safe. This means all you need to do is put the product into the washing machine and let it do the rest. Your carrier will be clean in no time.

Some carriers have a removable cover, or they can be used with one. Others are stain-proof and come in water-resistant materials. It is up to you which one you’ll decide upon. 

Bottom Line

There are many products that could wear the title of the best baby carrier for travel. However, every parent, just like every child, has their own needs and requirements, and these things can influence a shopping decision.

Overall, a baby carrier should make a parent’s life much easier, especially during travel or many other daily activities that would require you to use both of your hands. Not all activities can be done with a baby in our hands, and carriers are there to help with just that. 

All carriers we’ve listed are among the best products you can find. Of course, the final decision is up to you, as only you know what it is you require. We still hope we’ve narrowed your options down and made the decision process a bit easier.