Elvie vs Willow – Which Hands-Free Breast Pump Is The Best?

Most moms looking for a top quality breast pump will likely end up comparing Elvie vs Willow. These manufacturers are arguably two of the most popular breast pump brands on the market. But what and how should you choose between the two?

Both of these pumps are hands-free, wireless, and double-electric. With so many similarities, you may wonder what are, if any, the differences between the two.

Hands-free wireless pumps are ace. Not only are your hands not tied up, but you don’t even have to sit in the same place. This can help you as a super busy mom, stay mobile and do other errands while you’re pumping your milk. 

To help you make the right choice, we’ve done a comparison of Elvie vs Willow hands-free breast pumps:

Elvie vs Willow – Brief Product Overview

We’ve chosen the best breast pump from each manufacturer and had a look to see what is so good about them. Here’s what we found:

Elvie Double Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump

This is one of the tiniest breast pumps on the market, and it’s certainly the smallest one from Elvie. It’s light weight of only 0.9 lbs, helps keep it discrete. Additionally, it operates silently, meaning you can pump on your own terms … even in the office if you have to! 

Thanks to its size, you can position the pump inside a standard nursing bra, where it can sit firmly without the need for you to hold it steady with your hands. So, you don’t have to change your wardrobe to be able to use it. Its cord-free so you can walk around freely while its in full operational mode!

It comes in just five parts so the cleaning is as easy as possible. This keeps maintenance simple.

Elvie’s Double Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump has some handy smart features. It will automatically switch from stimulation to expression mode when it detects milk let-down. It will also pause the pumping when you’ve filled the bottle. This way, you don’t have to think about anything – just turn it on and relax. You can also connect it to the Elvie App to keep track of your pumping history and data for each individual breast. It also allows remote control of the pump.  

+ Portable and hands-free
+ Battery lasts well over one hour
+ Easy to clean
+ Made BPA-free for safety
+ Very quiet and small for discretion
– Sensors give inaccurate readings
– App is buggy
– Bottles aren’t the most durable
– Suction could be better

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

Similar to the Elvie pump, the Willow breast pump is rather small and lightweight. You can simply slip it inside your bra and let it get to work. It doesn’t have any cords, dangling bottles, or tubes, so it is almost entirely invisible when you wear it. 

The Willow offers you 7 suction levels, which is the similar to most traditional hospital grade electric pumps. There is also a sensitivity setting offering you maximum comfort.

The leak-proof design allows you to move around confidently while pumping. The Willow is unique in that the milk can be pumped in two ways – directly into hygienic milk bags, or into BPA-free reusable containers, both of which fit neatly into the pumps. Bare in mind only a small number of bags are included in the package so you will have to buy more in the future. The containers are sold separately.

The device only has 2 parts that need to be cleaned in between each use, so it’s very easy to maintain. It’s also straightforward to install and adjust.

The Willow app keeps a track of your real-time pumping volume, as well as storing all your previous pumping data.

+ Easy to clean
+ Portable and hands-free
+ Good suction strength
+ Stays in place well
– Suction can be uncomfortable for some
– Pump tends to disconnect from the app
– Can sound noisy
– Only includes one charging cable

Elvie vs Willow Comparison

After reading the reviews of both products, it’s time to look at some comparisons between the two so we can choose which breast pump is better. Here is what can be noticed:

  1. Both pumps are hands-free and can be used inside a bra. However, it seems like the Willow breast pump stays in place a bit better and has fewer chances of leaking, which is why the Willow seems to be better in this field. 
  2. Breast pumps should be comfortable, but this really isn’t Willow’s best trait. The Elvie wins this round.
  3. Storage volume of the milk is important. The Elvie’s bottle size allows for 5oz milk storage, whilst the Willow bags or containers can only hold 4oz. So the Elvie wins this one, as well.
  4. If you plan on using breast pumps in public, you’ll need the most discrete option. Both Elvie and Willow’s pumps are quieter than other pumps on the market. The Elvie pump comes out on top though, as it is near silent. 
  5. Another important feature is the app, as it helps you control the pumps and stores necessary data. Unfortunately, both Elvie and Willow’s apps seem to lag from time to time, which is why they are equal on this measure.
  6. Finally, the price is also important. However, as both pumps seem to have a nearly same price, there is no winner on this front.

The Verdict

There are many benefits in using best breast pumps around. Not only will this make baby feeding easier, it can also help produce more milk, so you can supply your baby with breast milk for longer. So it is important to chose wisely when deciding between Elvie vs Willow. 

While both pumps are amazing, our research showed that the Elvie Double Electric Wearable Smart Pump just edges out on top in this battle. The biggest issue we found with the Willow was problems some users found regarding the comfort. 

However, this isn’t to say that Willow Wearable Breast Pump isn’t good. It simply has a few flaws that probably would not bother most users. This is why we encourage you to check both products and choose the winner for yourself. All parents have different needs, which is why you should always make your own conclusions.