Best BOB Strollers : Top 5 BOB Stroller Review

Are you looking for the best stroller for you and your bundle of joy? Maybe you’re a jogger or a hiker at the same time? If this is the case, then you need to read our BOB stroller review so you can find the good product for your requirements!

BOB is a company known for producing durable and high-quality jogging strollers. However, just because you know what brand is reputable doesn’t mean that will make it easy to find the right product for you. Choosing the right stroller can be complicated! 

To help you find the best BOB stroller, we have compiled a list consisting of five of our favorite products. Here’s our BOB stroller review …

BOB Stroller Review – Top 5 Picks

1. Our BOB Stroller Review Ultimate Pick: BOB Gear Alterrain Pro

Most BOB stroller reviews will tell you that this is the best BOB stroller out there. It’s designed for hardcore joggers that are ready to get back on track as quickly as possible. The BOB Alterrain Pro is built to withstand any terrains and to reach high speeds. And you can quickly un/fold it with one hand.

BOB has three wheels and a lightweight wheel frame that can withstand all sorts of terrains. The SmoothShox Suspension System makes the ride comfortable, as your kid won’t feel any bumps due to the balancing mechanism. Another helpful feature is its adjustable handlebar. This can help parents use the stroller comfortably. In fact, you can adjust it while walking, so there’s no need for you to stop just to adjust it. The handle has a handbrake, as well. 

The seat is in the upright position, so it’s not designed for kids to sleep in (although this is possible, of course). The entire stroller is designed to fit an active lifestyle for both the parent and the kid. At the same time, great safety features ensure a safe ride, no matter how fast you’re jogging – or where.

+ Large waterproof canopy
+ Suitable for all terrains
+ Great for jogging
+ SmoothShox Suspension System & air-filled tires
– Not a stroller for every day
– Stiff handbrake
– Loud wheels

2. Most Reliable: BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

If you’re looking for a BOB stroller review wanting to get a reliable product, then this might be the stroller for you. This is a perfect stroller that comes from BOB’s well-known Revolution series. 

Just like the Alterrain, this model is perfect for any type of terrains. Whether you’re walking on the sandy beach or on gravel country roads, this can be a great stroller for mild jogging. The front wheel offers additional maneuverability and stability thanks to the swivel-lock function, and the mountain bike suspension offers the best ride possible. 

This stroller also works great for parents who aren’t of average height thanks to the adjustable handlebar. The reclining seat ensures your child is safe and comfortable no matter where you’re riding. Many BOB stroller reviews have also listed the product’s compatibility with most car seats as the most welcomed feature, as you don’t need an adapter. 

+ Great maneuverability
+ Car seat compatible
+ Mountain-bike suspension
+ Large storage
– Rather bulky
– Additional accessories have to be bought separately
– Some folding steps are tricky and no self-stand

3. Best Starter Jogging: BOB Rambler

Are you a beginner jogger that doesn’t plan to make jogging their everyday activity, but would still love to go for a hike from time to time? If this is the case, you might want to check this stroller out. 

This is an amazing stroller for everyday activities, such as a family outing, grocery shopping trips, or even going for a mild jog. It’s extremely lightweight, so it’s easier to ride compared to many other models. As the average weight of a basic stroller is between 7 and 35lbs, the fact that this jogging stroller weighs 25lbs is quite impressive. Despite its light weight, the frame is extremely durable and strong, and it can carry up to 75lbs of weight, which is more than most other strollers of similar weight range.

This stroller is fitted with everything that makes BOB strollers so great. This includes superior suspension, breathable materials, huge canopy, and a strong frame. But the best part of it all is how easy it is to fold and unfold – and how compact it is once folded. If you love going on trips, this might be the best stroller for you. You can even use it for air travelling!

+ Compact
+ Lightweight
+ Robust frame
+ Great for most activities
– Doesn’t self-stand when folded
– Small seat
– Canopy could be larger

4. Best Double Stroller: BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie

If you have two kids of similar age or twins, chances are you’re looking for BOB stroller reviews for double strollers. Not many good products for two kids exist, but fortunately, BOB’s Revolution Flex 3.0 that we’ve written about has a double version, called Duallie. It’s a version of their Revolution Flex adjusted for two seats.

This is a great stroller for parents of twins who want to return to their activities as soon as possible, but don’t know how they’ll do just that with two kids. Fortunately, BOB’s Duallie strollers are there for that exact purpose.

In fact, Flex Duallie is the signature BOB’s product for twins, and it’s one of their oldest strollers. The 3.0 version is simply the most updated one of them all. It has air-filled tires suitable for all terrains, and a reclining seat that will allow your child to sleep while you jog. Also, despite it being a double stroller, it is car seat compatible, which is always great news.

+ Great storage capacity
+ Perfect for twins or two toddlers
+ Suitable for jogging
+ Car seat compatible
– Bulky
– No cupholder
– No handbrake

5. Best for Travel: BOB Ramble Travel System

We’ve already mentioned that the BOB Rambler is a great stroller for travel. Well then you’d be excited to know that there is an updated version of the Rambler with added features that make it even more travel compatible!

Other than a few minor features added, when you purchase the BOB Ramble Travel System you’ll get not just the stroller, but also the B-Safe Gen2 infant car seat, as well as the car seat base and the adapters needed. This will give you everything you need to take your little one on a journey. The installation process is effortless and quick, so everything will be ready in just a few minutes.

This stroller also has small 12-inch tires that will fit easily into the trunk. The seats are padded and fully upright, but you can recline it into the sleeping position. Overall, this entire set has everything you might need during your baby’s first vacation. 

+ Car seat compatible
+ Lightweight
+ Reclining seats
+ Easy to install
– Rather small
– Limited storage
– Rather tight harness

BOB History

The brand BOB was created by Phillip Novotny and Roger Malinowski. While Novotny was an airline mechanic, Malinowski worked in the bicycle industry. The duo met in 1994 and they quickly realized how they can join forces to create a brand of their own.

At the time of the meeting, Novotny was involved in production and sales of a modified cruiser bike, called YAK. The two experts realized they could create a project on their own on the basis of the bike Novotny was working on. And so, the YAK trailer was created, and this bike changed the history of the biking industry.

Novotny and Malinowski created a brand called Beast of Burden. However, this name didn’t go so well with the audience, so they shortened it to BOB. This acronym quickly got people’s attention, as it was short, fun, and somewhat quirky.

BOB was focused on biking gear until both of its founders had their own families. Once this happened, they realized they could join the bike and the kids industry. This is how they created their first BOB Sport Utility Stroller. They used existing biking features that they patented, such as polymer wheels, easy-to-fold frame, and superior suspension, but they placed them on a stroller.

Of course, the products wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t let their kids help them with testing out the products. They would ask their children to push, flip, and jump on the stroller. This is how they knew the buggy was durable. 

Bob Sport Utility Stroller was a quick success, and customers were eager for more. The second product they crated was the Duallie, which was in fact, a Sport Utility Stroller for twins. 

After this, the company kept producing unique and innovative products. Today, they are among the household names for stroller users – and beyond. This led to the company being bought out by the market giant, Britax, in 2011.

Britax had the experience. BOB had the innovations. Together, they combined to create a giant empire in the juvenile products market. Soon, BOB stroller reviews started flooding the internet!

Unique BOB Accessories

BOB offers numerous accessories to go with its strollers. While they aren’t necessary, they can help increase your overall strolling experience. Some may come together with your BOB stroller purchase. You have to buy others on their own. 

Here’s what they are:

Duallie Jogging Stroller Snack Tray

As you might guess from the name, this snack tray is designed for the BOB Duallie stroller. It can help you keep your kids happy and full during tiring walks. In the end, what kid doesn’t like snacks?

This snack tray contains two flat surfaces for toys or snacks and two cup holders. You can attach them to each stroller side. You can release one side when loading or unloading.

BOB Handlebar Console for Single Jogging Strollers

This handlebar console is great for managing your life on the run. It’s available for all single strollers, while remaining water-resistant and stain-resistant. 

To make things better, it comes with a large zippered centre pocket and bottle holders. This gives it high functionality and practicality. You can attach it using four loop straps and hooks, and it will stay on throughout the ride. For just a few dollars more the Deluxe version come with a handy tire pump!

BOB Travel Bag for Single Jogging Strollers

If you want to keep stroller damage to the minimum, consider buying this travel bag. It fits many models of BOB’s single jogging strollers. With it, you no longer have to carry many incompatible bags with your stroller.

You can carry this bag using either the side handle or the shoulder strap. Just remember that you have to remove all the wheels and accessories from the buggy.

BOB Sun Shield for Single Swivel Wheel Strollers

For some strollers that cannot brag with a huge canopy, this sun shield can be the rescue they needed. It consists of a full mesh screen that will encase the stroller and protect your child from not just the sun, but also the wind and flying insects.

The sun shield is compatible with several BOB single strollers. You attach it with the elastic, and it’s very easy to install and remove. 

Britax and BOB Car Seat Adapter

Of course, no list of accessories would be complete without car seat adapters. You can find the one for both single strollers and double buggies

A car seat adapter is a necessary tool if you want to use your stroller inside your car. However, it’s important to keep in mind that once you put a car seat adapter on a stroller, you should no longer use it for jogging, as you’re risking harm to both yourself and the product.


Where to buy BOB strollers?

If you’re looking to buy the best BOB stroller, you might want to check sport gear shops. This includes places such as Sports Center or Ambridge Bike. Of course, you may also find them online, on sites such as Amazon and BOBs own site.

What to look for in the best BOB stroller?

There are a few features that make a best stroller. While it all comes down to your individual needs, some traits have to be there. This includes safety, the appropriate size, enough storage space, and maneuverability. Some people prefer large canopies and all-terrain strollers, as well. 

Are they worth the money?

No one else can tell you what product is too expensive or affordable enough. This all comes down to your opinions. However, one thing can be guaranteed: BOB has been making durable strollers for nearly 20 years and, according to many BOB stroller reviews, their union with Britax only helped ensure the high-quality of their products. Most user reviews state that their products are worth all the invested money.