Motorola Hubble Baby Monitor Reviews – Best Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are among great examples how modern technology can help you keep your child safe. If you read any of the many Motorola Hubble Baby Monitor reviews, you will notice that they are highly recommended.

No parent can stay with their child 24/7, so accidents or other problems can always occur. Baby monitors help you keep a watchful eye on your little bundle of joy from afar. Still, finding the best product is important as you really don’t want to risk your little one’s safety. After reading our Motorola Hubble Baby Monitor reviews, we reckon you’ll be keen to get your hands on one of these units. 

So, how can you know which one is the best? We’ll try to make things as straightforward as possible. 

Motorola Hubble Baby Monitor Reviews

Motorola Hubble isn’t one brand, or even a specific model of product. This is what Motorola call several of their baby monitors that work in partnership with Hubble Connected, a cloud video storage service. 

Motorola and Hubble joined forces bringing together their individual expertise to overcome common user issues … and they now hope to give you the optimal experience in keeping your child safe. 

Here’s our top Motorola Hubble baby monitor reviews that will give you an idea what to expect: 

1. Motorola Connect40

This is one of the first Motorola Hubble baby monitors on the market. While Motorola provides hardware, Hubble is there to help you with modern features and benefits, as well as to upload all your monitor data online. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to subscribe to access all of the features (e.g. motion-triggered video recording). While not expensive, this subscription comes at a monthly fee, and not all parents will be happy about that. 

Motorola provide a versatile camera that can be used to monitor many things – not just your little one. For example, if you have an elderly person that you’re taking care of, the camera might be used in their room. It can even do a good job of keeping an eye on your prized possessions!

The audio is provided thanks to the speaker and a high-sensitivity mic, and this can help you communicate with your infant, elderly loved ones, or even pets while you’re away. Thanks to the infrared technology, you’ll be able to keep an eye on them in low light levels and night time!

The 5-inch screen allows you to see your little one in great detail – but you don’t have to stick to the monitor. Usefully, you can also use any smart device that can be connected to the camera. 

+ Good quality build
+ Night light
+ Plays white noises and lullabies
+ Great range
– The ‘on’ LED light blinks very brightly
– Temperature measurements not accurate
– Some features require subscription

2. Motorola Connect60

This is a somewhat of an upgraded version of the Motorola Connect40. While it also requires subscription to be able to record and store video or photo files, it has improved on some minor flaws of the previous model.

The monitor allows you to have a full view of the room, no matter where you are. In fact, this is intended to be a home security camera with a remote control. But it has several purposes, including the option to watch over your little ones. It even includes 10 pre-recorded nature sounds, audiobooks, and lullabies. to help calm your infant, while you’re away. 

Just like Connect40, the Connect60 uses infrared vision to provide you with the best possible image quality even during the night. While at home, you can use its fairly large 5-inch display, but you can also connect it to any smart device so you can watch the live-stream using the Hubble app. 

All videos are streamed in Full HD 1080p resolution, which will give you the optimal viewing experience. 

+ Versatile
+ 10 pre-recorded sounds and songs
+ Easy to use and wall mount
+ Great range
– The movement sensor is very sensitive
– Subscriptions required for some features
– Bright flashing LED light can be annoying

3. Motorola MBP855CONNECT

This is probably the most purchased baby monitor on our list, but according to a lot of users online leaving Motorola Hubble Baby monitor reviews this may not be the best one – but it’s still quite decent if you are looking for a modern product with the possibility to add more cameras, as well as record, and upload to the cloud storage system.

While it requires a subscription to use Hubble services, it can support up to four cameras, which is better than most other products on the market which only support one or two. This means you can keep an eye on multiple kids, or leave your cameras fixed in different rooms without having to keep transferring them. Keep in mind that only one camera comes with this package. Others will need to be purchased separately. 

It comes with a 5-inch screen and provides you with two-way communication, infrared night vision, and a temperature display. The unit also has 5 pre-recorded lullabies that can help you calm a crying child, or a baby that has trouble falling asleep. The unit works using wireless technology for local viewing, so you’ll know the connection is secure

There is a LED indicator that will turn on when the battery is low, if the camera is out of range, and if the sounds levels are too high, which would likely mean your baby is awake. 

Unlike the other two devices we’ve listed, this one is primarily designed as a baby monitor, which means most of its features are adjusted and fine tuned for this purpose.

+ Good picture quality
+ Can add up to 4 cameras
+ Easy app to use
+ Great battery life
– Cameras can’t be wall mounted
– The connection isn’t very stable
– Not the best night vision

What Features to Look for in Motorola Hubble Baby Monitors?

When reading Motorola Hubble Baby Monitor reviews, you’ll be likely wondering how to work out which is the best one for you. Fortunately, there are a few features you really want to look at, while others are entirely optional. 

Here is what every good baby monitor should have:

  1.  Twoway talk: A baby monitor with a two-way talk can not just help you hear whether your baby is crying. They will also allow you to talk to your baby, which is a great way to calm a crying infant. This may help soothe them from afar or calm them as you make your way to them. While you might think this isn’t necessary – trust us, it’s very important.
  2. Portable monitor: This is probably self-explanatory but we have to include it none the less. All baby monitors should have a portable monitor unit that works on rechargeable batteries. While some baby monitors use electricity and cables, they are not that good as you won’t be able to carry them everywhere. Rechargeable batters mean you don’t have to run to the store every time a device turns off. 
  3. Night vision: Without night-vision, you won’t know what your child is doing during the night time. Most babies love to sleep in a darkened room, but this isn’t suitable for many cameras. This is why you should always look for cameras with infrared vision that can give you a good image in the night. 
  4. Remote PZT camera control: Being able to pan left/right or tilt up/down will give you exceptional viewing capabilities of your baby’s room. Infants can often wriggle around in their cots and move out of sight on a camera which only films at one angle. So being able to move your camera around remotely will be very useful. Some cameras also provide a zoom feature and again this can be very helpful should you need to take a closer inspection of what’s going on.

You may also want to consider other optional features:

  1. App connectivity: Whether you want to view a livestream from your baby’s room remotely using your own smart device, or review some camera footage from a previous time period, apps can be very useful. The Hubble app also offers loads of great articles for new parents.
  2. Soothing features: The addition of calming sounds like white noise or lullabies can be very helpful to help soothe your baby remotely.
  3. Temperature Monitor: If you can’t quite work out why your baby is still unsettled, sometimes it could be down to them being too hot or too cold. A temperature monitor will alert you to such scenarios. Most parents can get a good sense of room temperature without this though.

The Conclusion

Motorola monitors already came with their own app. However, according to Motorola Hubble Baby Monitor reviews, by adding the ability to connect to Hubble services, Motorola eliminated some of the bugs within their app and cloud system. 

Of course, no product is perfect, but these monitors come close. Still, it’s important for you to find the right unit for you and to make a choice according to your own preferences and likings. Overall we feel the Motorola Connect60 would make an excellent all round choice given it offers extra features like being wall mountable, which can make it suitable for use as an extra home security camera once your baby no longer needs it.

We would encourage you to try out the products we’ve reviewed, as we’re certain you won’t be sorry.