Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents – Can Deaf People Use Them?

Baby monitors are one of the most important items a new parent can invest in. They will watch over your sleeping child and sound the alarm if there is something wrong. However, what happens if you are hard of hearing or deaf, and can not hear it? By having the best baby monitor for deaf parents you can overcome this hurdle. 

Having a child comes with its own set of complications. However, when you’re deaf, things can be even harder, as there maybe more complex issues for you to consider. Not only will you not hear your baby crying, but you won’t hear the standard audible alarm from basic baby monitors once it goes off.

Luckily, as technology has advanced through the years, being hearing impaired no longer has to be an obstacle … especially when it comes to risking your baby’s safety. Many baby monitor brands have taken up the challenge of making the best baby monitor for deaf parents, so that every parent can benefit from these amazing devices. 

To make thing easier for you, we have compiled a list of our top 5 best baby monitors that deaf people can use. We’ve explained the technology within the devices that make them suitable. Here is what we’ve found:

Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents – Top 5 Products

When it comes to our children, we all want nothing short of best for them. However, every parent and every child has their own needs and requirements, which is why it tricky to pick just one product that will be amazing for everyone. This is why we’ve decided to review five products that seem to all offer some suitably amazing features. 

1. SereneLife Wireless Baby Camera Monitor System

The SereneLife is one of the best baby monitors for deaf parents and it’s loved and recommended by people from all around the world. It helps you watch over your baby thanks to the rechargeable smart watch that is included. Even if you cannot hear the audible alarm, this special watch is more than capable of alerting you, so you know what your baby is doing no matter where you are.

The package includes a standard monitor which displays the video feed from a camera that you can mount in your infant’s room. It even has a night vision mode to help you when the lights are off. If the camera detects a problem, the alarm will sound. Crucially if you are hearing impaired, the smart watch will vibrate, immediately alerting you so that you can check up on your little one.

At the same time, the device has a talk-back feature, so you can speak into the smartwatch and your child will hear you which is handy if you want to soothe them from afar. Also, it will monitor the room’s temperature ensuring your baby is sleeping in the perfect conditions. The monitor has a decent range of 850 feet.

+ Vibrating smart watch
+ Portable monitoring with the watch
+ Easy set up
+ Decent range
– The vibrations may not be strong enough to
wake deep sleepers
– Battery life is not the best
– Could be more durable

2. Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler and Sonic Alert SB1000SS Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

This is yet another great monitoring system for a hearing-impaired parent. Just like most devices from our list, it use a vibration alert which is triggered when the Signaler detects noises from your baby.  

This isn’t a traditional monitor, given it lacks a screen, so you will not be able to watch your baby. Nonetheless, the Signaler is excellent at picking up sound from your child and then wirelessly communicating this with the alarm clock which you buy separately. You can adjust the Signalers sensitivity settings, so you can be alerted to all sounds including quiet ones, or you can set it to just the loud ones!

Given there is no monitor, it is not a portable monitor system. But if you are just looking for a monitor, to alert you when your baby is crying at night time when you are fast asleep, this could be a more than ideal option.

The vibrating function comes from the bed shaker device which you can place under your pillow. This is included with the alarm clock. You can also set the alert to a super bright light if you prefer not to have the vibration.

+ The vibrating bed shaker is powerful
+ The Signaler sensitivity can be adjusted
+ Alarm clock has 5 year warranty
+ The Signaler wont disturb your baby
with any annoying flashing lights
– No visual screen
– Only two Sonic alarm clocks models
are compatible
– Syncing devices can be challenging
– Main use is when you are sleeping,
not at other times

3. Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System

Nanit is a very popular brand that makes many great products for child safety, and many of them are combined in this set. The Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System includes the Pro Camera, Breathing Band, Smart Sheet, and Multi-Stand. This will be ample for what most parents need to ensure their child is safe and sound all day long. With this system, you’ll not just be able to see, hear, and speak to your infant, but you’ll also track their breathing motion, sleep, and even growth. 

You can mount the camera to the wall above the crib to ensure a perfect crisp 1080p HD quality, birds-eye view. You can access the video feed from your Android, iOS, Echo Show, or Kindle Fire device. As most people carry these devices with them all day long, this also means you’ll be in touch with your infant no matter where you are.

As Nanit collects data about your infant’s sleeping habits, it can also give you advice on how to improve your child’s sleep. This is a great way to get a personal approach to looking after your child. Of course, all notifications can make your device vibrate, which is of great help to hearing-impaired parents.

+ Lots of great features
+ Can link to multiple mobile devices
+ Breathing band is 100% cotton
+ Data collected will record your baby’s
– The app frequently crashes
– Some deaf parents reported false alerts
– More costly than other monitors

4. Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Developed by pediatricians, this monitor is jam packed with features. The camera is designed into a cute bird shape.

This is likely the best baby monitor for deaf parents if your a fan of high-tech gadgets, as this monitor incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thanks to this technology, the Cubo Ai Plus can easily detect dangerous situations, such as if your child’s mouth and nose are covered, or if they’ve rolled over and are face down. 

It can also help you with older more mobile kids, as it will notify you if your child moves to an un-monitored area. Once the alarm sets off, your phone will vibrate, which is a sure way to know that now it’s time to react and go to your child. 

The device also has great night vision, cry detection, auto photo capture, and a two-way audio that will let you communicate with your child from afar. The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor will also monitor the room temperature and humidity to make sure your little one is comfortable.

You can access the video from many devices from anywhere you are. There is super safe CTIA certified connectivity, which is on par with bank level encryption to ensure your data and access will be well protected from unauthorized access.

+ Clever AI technology
+ Provides you with sleep analytics
+ Multiple excellent features not found on other
+ Access the video feed from anywhere
– Subscription for some features after 1st year
– Some users has issues with the company’s
customer services
– Older babies may try to play with the
low hanging camera
– Camera has to be wall mounted

5. Owlet Cam Baby Monitor

This is a great monitor for hearing-impaired parents as it transforms your cell phone into a mobile monitor you can carry around with you in your pocket. It sends out instant notifications when either motion or sound are detected inside the baby’s room. This is a great way to know whether your child is awake or not. 

You can pair this monitor with the Owlet Smart Sock. You simply put this sock onto your child’s foot and it will assess vital statistics like oxygen levels, to let you know your child is safe and healthy. 

The monitor can be wall mounted to give you a brilliant birds eye view should you choose to. Or you can simply relocate the camera around the room, or move it from room to room if needed.

You can pair the monitor with your Android or iOS device and look upon your little one no matter where you are. You can set the app to vibrate when something is detected, and this will let you know what is going on.

+ High quality image
+ Pairs with Owlet Sock for added
safety features
+ Durable build
+ Can view from anywhere
– App can be glitchy
– The sound/motion detection could be
more sensitive
– Wall mounting can be tricky

What Type of Baby Monitor is Suitable for Deaf Parents?

Being hearing impaired isn’t as rare as one might think. In fact, in the US alone, it is estimated that about 10 million people are hard of hearing, and about one million identify as entirely deaf. This makes 11 million people in total!

A monitors job is to reassure a parent their baby is safe as well as to notify them should their baby start crying or require any attention. Those that have problems hearing will likely seek baby monitors that don’t entirely rely on audio alarms.

In recent years, manufacturers have started to acknowledge that audio alarms alone are not a great option for everyone. This has led to the evolution of baby monitors, giving all parents a lot more options to choose from. 

In fact, there are three main features the best baby monitor for deaf parents has to rely on:

  • Video: A good baby monitor for deaf or hard of hearing parents, ideally comes with the option of a camera. The best cameras are able to remotely pan left/right, tilt up/down, zoom in and provide a night vision mode. The video feed is then streamed to a designated monitor or a personal smart device.
  • Light indicator: Most baby monitors have some type of light on them. Usually, the light turns on if you need to change or recharge the batteries. However, more and more products are incorporating warning lights as notifications for when your baby needs you. This is a great way to signal people who are mostly relying on sight.
  • Vibration indicator: This is a fairly new option that not many baby monitors have – but the best baby monitor for deaf parents should certainly have it. Once your baby cries, the monitor should start vibrating, letting you know that you need to go to your child’s room. This is extremely helpful, as you likely cannot look at the screen all the time. A lot of monitor systems now utilise the vibration features on the parent’s own smart phone.

Extra Features to Consider

The previously mentioned features are extremely important for people who cannot hear properly. However, there are many other extra options you may wish to have when picking the right monitor for you. This is what they are:

  • Sensitivity is very important. You need to look for a product that can correctly sense that something is wrong. If the monitor reacts to everything, you’ll have many false alarms that can be annoying. On the other hand, if the device isn’t sensitive enough, you might not always get alerted when you want.
  • Range can make a huge difference. Do you want the monitor to keep an eye on your child while you’re in the kitchen preparing lunch, or do you want to be able to see your infant from your work? These are essential things to consider. Closed networks may be considered less likely to be hacked compared to monitors which connect to your WIFI.
  • Rechargeable batteries are not necessary, but they come in handy. While devices with rechargeable batteries tend to cost more, they’ll make a good investment in the long run. Not to mention that you won’t have to go to the store every time the device runs out of power. Of course, you should also consider the longevity of the said battery. With prolonged use, a lot of rechargeable batteries tend t have a reduced life and you end up just keeping your device plugged in at the mains!
  • Special monitor functions are important to consider. Most devices have night vision. Without it, the imaging would be entirely useless at low light levels or night. Also, some monitors can play a lullaby or allow the baby to hear your voice. This can help soothe your infant without you actually being right next to them. 
  • Additional functions of the overall baby monitoring can also be of crucial importance. Some baby monitors will not just video your child, but also measure their breathing and alert you if it stops. This is a great tool in preventing SIDS. Other devices might monitor the room’s temperature and humidity, informing you if the conditions may be uncomfortable for a child. 

All of these features are things you need to consider before you make your purchase.

The Verdict

As we’ve already mentioned, it is challenging to pick just one best baby monitor for deaf parents. Choosing the right product depends on many factors, and many reviews seem to forget that everyone has different needs. This is why we’ve listed the top five products that we believe will meet deaf and hearing impaired parents wishes.

Overall we feel the SereneLife Wireless Baby Camera Monitor System is a product that will tick most boxes for deaf parents. It come with multiple features and the smart watch is included in the package.

However all the products we’ve reviewed are good options. Remember to make sure you look at the product’s features and have a good think about what you want from the device. This can help narrow down your selection.

While being hearing impaired is a struggle in many fields, this really shouldn’t come in the way of your child’s safety. Fortunately, baby monitors are among the products that have started to adapt so they can be inclusive and provide a helping hand to everyone that needs it.