Best Chicco Stroller (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Are you looking for a perfect stroller for your new family member? You’ve probably heard of Chicco, the beloved brand recommended by many. But how can you find the best Chicco stroller for you, when there are so many products to choose from?

Chicco is one of the largest names when it comes to products for infants. It also has some of the best strollers out there, at least according to numerous amazing reviews. Still, buying the best Chicco stroller might be a challenge, especially if you aren’t certain what you’re looking for. 

We’ve listed 5 best Chicco strollers for several purposes. 

We’ve also included information about the company and why you should consider buying from them.

Let’s get started!

The Best Chicco Stroller – Top 5 Product Reviews

1. Best Full Size Stroller Travel System: Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System

Are you looking for the best Chicco stroller that you can take on a vacation with you? Then you should certainly take a look at the Bravo Trio Travel System! This is an exceptional stroller that you can use from the day your little one is born, all the way until they have learned walking.

When you purchase this travel system, you’ll also get the KeyFit 30, Chicco’s amazing car seat that can fit into most cars. It can accommodate a baby weighing from 4 to 30 lbs. It also comes with all necessary tools for installation. Even when your child outgrows the seat, it will still be suitable for the stroller. 

The handle has a comfortable grip, and it’s adjustable in up to three positions, so it can suit parents of all heights. It also comes with a parent tray that has two cup holders and a small compartment. It also comes with the canopy that will stay on the seat when you attach it. 

Finally, the entire stroller is designed for easy maneuverability allowing you to easily navigate narrow streets.

+ Car seat included
+ Comfortable handle
+ Two cup holders
+ Easy to maneuver
– A bit wobbly
– Challenging installation
– Heavy

2. Best Chicco Stroller for Jogging: Chicco Tre Jogging Stroller

If you’re looking for a great jogging stroller, this might be the right product for you. It is versatile, and while it’s designed for jogging, you can use it for everyday activities. Still, it is best used by fast-paced families that love to spend a great deal of their time outdoors. It’s excellent for walking in the park, trail, or even a race day.

The aluminum frame is lightweight but sturdy, and it stands on three wheels with 16-inch pneumatic tires. This makes it easy to maneuver and suitable for most terrains. 

It comes with a large handle, dual handbrake (for deceleration and parking), and a unique FlexCore suspension. With it, you can switch the mood of the ride using nothing but your foot once you change from smooth to rougher terrains. The front wheel is capable of swivelling once you push the button on the handle in the highly convenient central control console, so it’s comfortable for steering.  

The stroller is easy to fold with one hand, and you can place it in the trunk and take it with you on travel as the front swivel wheel can be folded. Also, you can purchase the infant car seats that are compatible with the stroller. 

+ Single hand fold
+ Lightweight
+ Large handle with dual handbrake
+ FlexCore suspension
+ Useful control console
– Bulky, even when folded
– Car seat can get stuck
– Small seating area

3. Best Lightweight Stroller: Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System

This is one of the best strollers if you’re looking for a lightweight, user-friendly stroller that is easy to carry around. Most features can be adjusted with one hand, including the seat and the backrest. 

The sun canopy has a mesh panel that helps ventilation, and it’s fairly large when extended entirely, covering your child completely. While it’s not an umbrella stroller, it is as compact and lightweight as one. Also, the swivel front wheels are perfect for sliding around crowded areas, and you can easily go around tight corners with this stroller. 

The stroller comes with a padded handle that will allow you to get a comfortable grip. Also, you can fold it and pack it once you’re done. And when you’re travelling, you can easily pair this stroller with several Chicco car seats. This is helpful not just for travelling, but it can also help you use the stroller while your kid is still an infant. 

+ Lightweight
+ Great for outdoors
+ Huge canopy
+ Car seat compatible
– Front wheels can cause issues
– Rather small
– Bad snack tray

4. Best Double Stroller: Chicco Bravo For 2

If you have two kids, whether they are twins or two kids close in age, you’ll need a double stroller. Chicco Bravo for 2 might be the right one for you. It is a great choice for people with two kids that want to save space and effort of owning two strollers.

This stroller has a front seat and a back seat – which can also be used as a platform for bigger kids to stand or ride on. The back seat includes a three-point harness and you can fold it to enable standing. The standing platform has a backrest, as well as easy-grip handles. 

This stroller is easy to fold with just one hand. You can activate the folding by pressing the button on the handle. This will also rotate the front wheels inward, which will keep the stroller standing once folding. Thanks to this option, the stroller is easy to carry with you everywhere, as you can just fold it and let it be when you’re not using it.

Rubber tires are threaded for a smoother ride. Rubber offers exceptional grip and durability whilst maintaining a high level of softness. The brakes can be activated with just one touch, ensuring great safety. Also, there is a parent tray with two cup holders to keep you well hydrated. 

+ Great for two kids
+ One-handed brake
+ Rubber tires
+ Self-stands
– Small back seat
– Awkward storage
– Not enough recline

5. Best Frame Stroller: Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller

Do you already have a car seat, but you need a stroller frame for it? Fortunately for you, Chicco has you covered. The Caddy frame stroller is suitable for al Chicco infant car seats that you might have bought previously. The secure, click-in attachment will ensure everything is easy to install and that the seat stays in place during the ride.

The frame itself is lightweight and foldable, so it can be compact for travels. It also self-stands, making it perfect for travels. Since its intended to be used with a car seat, this is a useful feature.

The handle is padded and ergonomic, and you can adjust it at four height positions. This will increase the comfort during riding, as it’s suitable for parents of all sizes. 

The frame also has a large storage basket that can be expanded with a zipper and accessed from the rear side. It also comes with a parent tray with additional storage and cup holders, ensuring the best ride possible.

+ Suitable for all Chicco car seats
+ Adjustable handle
+ Large storage basket
+ Lightweight
– Doesn’t come with any fancy features
– Some car seats might be a bit challenging to install
– Doesn’t have a pocket for a cell phone

Chicco Brand History

Chicco was launched in 1958 by Pietro Catelli, an Italian inventor and developer of various pharmaceutical devices. After the birth of his son, Catelli decided to expand his brand to involve products for infants. His goal was to create unique and functional solutions for parents that will make their lives a bit easier. 

Quickly, the brand expanded to involve various children’s products, such as: 

  • Clothing,
  • Toys,
  • Carriers,
  • Care products,
  • Nursing merchandise,
  • And, of course, strollers. 

Chicco has the Happiness Lab that it uses to create innovative items. It gets help from parents and experts alike to create unique solutions for many parenting tasks. Chicco claims to try to create products that will benefit babies and help their development and growing. 

The company stays loyal to parents and babies globally and is emphasizing the love and respect for family bonds and care for a child’s health. 

Not just that, but Chicco is also committed to many noble causes. Most notably, its involved with a number of organizations that help children in need, such as Mission Bambini. This organization helps provide medical care for children in poor countries. 

Today, Chicco is one of the biggest names in the US and its products are being sold in more than 120 countries worldwide. Its main office is located in Milan, but it has offices in many other countries, as well. The company isn’t as focused on staying up to fashion, but rather tries to maintain functionality of its products. 

Most importantly, Chicco’s all-inclusive approach means no one will feel left out, which is one of the likely reasons for the company’s success. It sells durable strollers at a budget-friendly price, but still provides high-quality products. Even the best Chicco stroller will come at a low to medium price range, which is important to many. By doing this, they have allowed parents of all economical statuses to enjoy top-notch strollers and baby products.

Why Are Chicco’s Strollers So Good?

As mentioned, Chicco is one of the globally beloved brands. Its strollers are affordable, but the lower price range isn’t compromising the design and quality. While every stroller is unique, there are a few signature features most of them share.

Most Chicco strollers come in several colors and prints. You can find them in black, gray, beige, even in some brighter colors such as blue or pink. All of Chico’s strollers use machine-washable fabrics, so you can easily remove the seat liner and toss it into the washing machine to get them clean. This is an improvement compared to many other brands that have strollers that will only take a slight wiping.

However, what makes Chicco truly stand out is how much attention they pay to the details. All of their strollers have at least one extra feature aimed for the parents. Usually, this is a tray with cup holders, but sometimes it’s also an additional compartment for your possessions. Many buggies have zippered pockets for cash or phone, so there’s no need to carry your purse around with you.

Finally, when you purchase a Chicco stroller, you can be certain they’ll last for years. This brand makes durable products and offers warranties with most of them. If something gets broken, you can easily get a replacement part.


Where to Buy the Best Chicco Stroller?

If you live in the US, there are many locations where you can get your stroller. This includes not just online sites, but also in stores that sell kids’ products, such as Target, Toys R’ Us, or Baby R’ Us. Chicco’s official website also has answers to many of your questions.

Can You Buy Accessories for Chicco Strollers?

Just like with many other brands, Chicco offers accessories you can buy to use with your strollers. They will help either you or your child have a more comfortable ride. One of them is Bravo Stroller Child’s Tray, a snack tray for your child. You can also buy additional wheels, car seat adapters, and so on. 

What to Look for in the Best Chicco Stroller?

Overall, only you can know what features are necessary in an adequate stroller for you. Some people need a jogging stroller that they’ll be able to run with. Others need a large storage capacity, for it to have double seats, or to be suitable for all terrains. However, a few things that you need to be mindful of is that the stroller needs to be safe, needs to be durable, and that it should hold a great value for the price. Check out our Ultimate Stroller Buying guide for more information.

At What Age Is a Child Too Old for a Chicco Stroller?

 Most brands, Chicco included, don’t really have an age limit for strollers. Instead, they have a weight and height capacity. Once your child has outgrown these measurements, they have overgrown the stroller. However, while there isn’t a specific age limit, most experts agree that usually strollers aren’t necessary past the age of 3. Of course, every child is unique, and you should be making this decision while consulting with your pediatrician.