Do Strollers Expire?

Do strollers expire ?

As most things these days have a shelf life,  it’s not surprising many parents may wonder … do strollers expire? 

As you start preparing for the arrival of your newborn, it raises the question of which baby stroller should you get. Every parent will have their own preferences for what they require from their stroller.

Perhaps, you’ve been told by other parents to save your money and get a second hand stroller. But naturally, you may still be wondering if reused strollers are just as good? Are they still safe and reliable?

Or maybe it’s the other way around and you‘re questioning whether it is a good idea to pass on your old stroller to a friend. 

Do strollers expire?

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Products have expiration dates for a reason – namely, when they are no longer safe and reliable for use. Parents will often be more anxious about the expiration dates of their baby products as babies are more sensitive than adults. So, feeding them expired foods, or applying expired lotions on their skin can cause serious harm.

But – do strollers expire after some time, as well? The short answer is – no, they don’t. 

Remember … unlike strollers, car seats can expire and it’s very dangerous to use them past their expiration date. Because car seats are frequently exposed to high temperatures, the plastic degrades, which in turn affects its performance.

Baby strollers are the exception to the rule, as they don’t have an expiration date. This is why you’ll probably hear about how parents pass on their old baby strollers.

However, this doesn’t mean that each stroller lasts forever. Like any other product, the way you treat it will affect its lifespan. 

Each baby stroller is typically made of different materials, and those materials can wear out, get dirty, or even break.

Why Are Baby Strollers So Expensive? 

Orange hooded baby stroller

Baby strollers are indeed a very important part of each baby checklist. When purchasing clothing, nursery, and travel essentials, one is met with many different brands, which can be confusing. 

The same goes for baby strollers. The wide price range also indicates a vast number of different features. More expensive strollers usually offer more quality materials, advanced features, and product extensions. 

However, as a parent, you have to decide if these add-ons are even necessary. Each parent and baby needs are different.

For example, maybe you are a tall parent who prefers to choose a stroller for tall parents, rather than the one with hand-crafted features. 

This begs a question – are expensive strollers even worth it?

Yes, they are due to their superior build quality … BUT that doesn’t make them essential. Most babies will do just fine with a reused stroller or that with an average price. 

In general, strollers are one of those baby products that tend to take up a large part of your budget. Since they have no expiration date, why not take advantage of that and reuse an old one? That way, you can invest more of your money into other necessary baby products. 

Could You Use Stroller After Expiration Date? 

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As previously mentioned, if you’ve been wondering do strollers expire, you now know there is no expiration date. This is why it’s perfectly safe to use them for prolonged periods of time.

This is very convenient if you have a second baby, and you want to reuse the stroller from your firstborn. The same goes for recycling the stroller from a friend, or lending someone your old stroller. 

For picky parents, choosing a perfect stroller has never been easier. You can now even sell and purchase pre-owned strollers online, many of them with different features that fit each parent’s needs.

If you decide to buy or borrow a stroller from someone, you need to make sure to get it cleaned. In the case of very old strollers, you might want to restore some of its worn parts. 

We’ll show you how to do this further down this article..

Do Uppababy Strollers Expire? 

It’s important to note that – even though strollers have no expiration date – that doesn’t mean there is no warranty on these products. But do strollers expire depending on the brand?

The UPPAbaby product line is one good example of this. UPPAbaby products are a very popular brand for baby products, offering not only strollers, but also baby carriers, car seats, and other.

Like strollers from other brands, UPPAbaby strollers come with a warranty. This warranty guarantees the quality of a product over a certain period of time. 

More specifically, UPPAbaby products offer a warranty from 1 to 3 years for strollers, and also some other products. This means that they will offer a full product or a specific part replacement for free, should a fault occur or the product malfunction during that period. 

However, it’s important to note that this warranty applies only for the initial buyer of the product, and is not transferable. Also, there are some of the damages that warranty doesn’t cover, so it’s important to read it on their website.

Tips to Maintain Baby Strollers 

Do strollers expire quicker if not maintained? Yes! 

The strollers that are kept well, cleaned regularly and not exposed to extreme conditions simply last longer.

This is the case for both new and old strollers. You should be motivated to take good care of your stroller so you, or someone else, can reuse them in the future. There really is no time limit on how often a stroller can be reused, given of course that it’s well maintained. 

Let’s look at a list of DO’S & DON’TS for your baby stroller. In fact, to maintain the stroller it’s more important to avoid doing some things, so let’s start with those.


  • Avoid exposing your stroller to sun over long periods of time (or leave it outside)
  • Avoid exposing your stroller to frequent or extreme temperature changes
  • Never handle the stroller with vigorous motions
  • Don’t try to fit too many things inside stroller holder parts
  • Don’t try to hang heavy bags on the stroller handle
  • Don’t put objects or lean onto the stroller’s hood
  • Don’t allow your pets to sneak into the stroller
  • Don’t hold extremely hot or cold drinks in the stroller’s holder

As you can see, there are quite a few things that you should avoid doing. However, keep in mind that all of these are easily done.

All of the DON’TS on this list boil down to not overextending the stroller’s durability by one’s own negligence. Overexposure to high pressure and temperature changes can really lower the durability and safety of a stroller over time. 

Knowing this you should avoid leaving a stroller in the car for too long, and don’t let it just sit in a yard. Gently assemble the stroller before each use to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the stroller’s parts.

Don’t use a stroller as a holder for heavy stuff, or hot and cold drinks. Also, don’t allow your pet to snuggle in the stroller overnight. 

These situations can dent the stroller, stretch the fabric, and overall ruin the product’s effectiveness and cleanliness. So it’s best to avoid them!

Muddy stroller tire


  • Do inspect all of the moving parts, locks, wheels, screws – and make sure they are secure
  • Regularly clean the stroller from any dirt (even from the wheels)
  • Regularly tighten all the screws and bolts (when needed)
  • Do a deep clean after getting an old or preloved stroller
  • Keep the warranty and register the product

Making sure that all the moving parts are working properly is crucial for the safety of your baby. The best way to maintain a stroller is to conduct a quick weekly check, ensuring there are no damaged or loose parts. 

Even small fragments of dirt, like sand or stones, can get stuck easily in wheels and other stroller mechanisms. This can affect the ease of use since it can slow down the moving parts.

Finally, strollers are normally heavy use products so make sure to clean them regularly. Your little one may well be drinking and eating when in their stroller. So spillages are likely to occur. If not cleaned regularly, some fabrics may become damaged over time. Not to mention, stains are harder to remove if left for a while so will make the stroller look bad. 

Also, food and drink particles will attract bugs, so it will no longer be a very hygienic seat for your little one until you clean it properly. Food crumbs can easily be vacuumed away. Food stains can be wiped with a clean cloth and a solution of warm water and detergent. Use an old toothbrush or some other similar soft bristled brush to clean difficult to reach areas. 

If you want to give your stroller a deep clean, create a solution containing one cup bleach in a gallon of water. Make sure to use protective gloves as bleach can cause some possible irritation.

After cleaning, allow the stroller to properly dry before storing it. 

QUICK TIP: Make sure to store disinfectant wipes within the stroller organizer. That way, you can easily clean and sanitize any freshly created stains, your hands, stroller’s handle, and anywhere it’s needed! 

Ways to Restore Old Baby Strollers 

Sure, it’s nice to like thrifted things, or making a stand by refusing to succumb to the world of overconsumption and needless spending. And as we look to make our’s a greener planet, recycling where you can is a good thing.

However, it’s important to note that you can put your child at risk when buying a second hand stroller. Depending on where you get it from, you may or may not know the full extent of maintenance and refurbishment it has undergone. 

That’s why we recommend you always ask the previous owner about any previous damage to the product. And if you buy it from a store, always ask if they have refurbished it themselves. Some stores will provide you with a limited warranty to ensure you have peace of mind.

With significantly older strollers, it’s best to restore them – or at least some of their parts. 

The first part of a stroller’s restoration starts with cleaning. Make sure to clean all of the surfaces, including the fabrics, metal parts, and even the wheels.

Cleaning gloves, cloth and detergent

Use a solution of soap/detergent and water, or bleach and water for more stubborn stains. By deep-cleaning the stroller, you just finished the most important part of the restoration process.

The next stage depends on what part of the stroller you decide to replace, throw away, or keep.

Depending on that, your next steps in restoring the stroller may include: 

  • Removing the fabric at seams
  • Sanding wooden parts
  • Polishing metal parts
  • Patching the wheels or replacing them with new ones

If you feel like the fabric, metal, or some other parts are too worn out, it’s probably best to replace them. 

After finishing the process of restoration, make sure all of the bolts and screws are in place. Also, test all of the moving parts. 

Finally, it goes without saying but make sure to leave the stroller out to dry if you repaint any of the parts. 

What to Do With Old Strollers? 

Old fashioned pram

If you decide you want to get rid of your old stroller, you’ve got a few options with how you do it: 

Sell – make yourself some extra money whilst also helping out another parent by offering them a cheaper alternative to a brand new stroller. You can do this quite easily online (e.g. EBay) or selling to a thrift store. You can also place a small advert in your local paper or convenience store window (if they will allow it!)

Donate – to a charity or similar organization. Many parents simply can’t afford to buy a stroller. So it’s a very admirable thing for you to do. 

Gift – you may have a friend or family member expecting a newborn. It’s always nice to be able to help a loved one during the stressful period of welcoming a newborn.

Recycle – take it to a recycling center where it can be stripped down and useful components reused for other purposes. 

Of course it would be wise to just keep your stroller if you think you’re planning on having more children yourself.

Bottom Line 

Do strollers expire like the other baby products do? Luckily, they don’t! 

You can easily reuse old strollers as they don’t have an expiration date. Depending on the condition of the stroller, it may well require some restoration. 

However, the most important thing is to regularly clean and maintain the stroller in good condition. That will ensure the stroller will last for generations to come!

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