251 Unique Baby Names : Boys, Girls, Unisex

unique baby names

 We built the list by researching names from different cultures and times and identifying the most remarkable. We also studied which names are not on the annual list of the most popular baby names published by the Social Security Administration.

People carefully craft their babies’ names for a variety of reasons, including individuality and self-expression. There are so many names to choose from these days that your child probably won’t share a classroom with another child of the same name. No more are the days of Peter S. and Peter C. and Victoria A. and Victoria T. Given the significant population increase over the past century, that’s kind of amazing! 

Interestingly, people embrace unique baby names despite class lines. All parents want their kids to stand out from the crowd to develop a personal brand and individualize themselves. It’s what employers expect in today’s competitive job market. 

Carefully crafted names for female babies specifically became popular as women began to swarm the public economic sphere in the 1980s. (Picture Melanie Griffith in Working Girl.) Parents began to consider: what is an appropriate name for my daughter, the future CEO of a Fortune 500 company?  

To be clear, people are still paying tribute to grandma Rose or grandpa William with their child’s middle name, but that first name has gotta push boundaries!

Below you will find unique baby names for boys, unique baby names for girls, and unique unisex baby names. If you’re also interested in unique baby names with meanings, we got that covered too!

We hope you’ll find what you’re searching for. Or at least get some inspiration!

Unique Baby Names For Boys

  1. Ace (Means “one, unity.” Latin) 
  2. Ambrose (Means “immortal.” Greek.)
  3. Arlo (Old English; Anglo Saxon)
  4. Armie (Means “home.” German.)
  5. Asher (Means “happy, blessed.” Hebrew.)
  6. Atticus (Greek, Latin)
  7. Axel (Means “father is peace.” Hebrew.)
  8. Beau (Means “handsome.” French.)
  9. Beckett (Old English)
  10. Bennett (Means “blessed.” English.)
  11. Bentley (English)
  12. Blaine (Gaelic)
  13. Blaze (Means “fire.” Latin.)
  14. Bly (Means “friendly.” English.)
  15. Bodie (Means “shelter; one who brings news.” Scandinavian.)
  16. Braxton (Old English)
  17. Bridge (English)
  18. Brooks (English)
  19. Caleb (Means “devotion to God.” Hebrew.)
  20. Callum (Means “dove.” Scottish; Gaelic.)
  21. Casen (Celtic)
  22. Cassius (From the Shakespearean play ‘Julius Caesar’)
  23. Chance (Means “good fortune.” Middle English.)
  24. Clayton (English)
  25. Corbin (English)
  26. Creed (Means “believe.” Latin.)
  27. Crew (Means “chariot.” Latin, Welsh.)
  28. Cruz (Means “cross.” Iberian.)
  29. Dax (Means “leader.” French.)
  30. Dorian (Greek) 
  31. Elias (Means “the Lord is my God.” Hebrew.)
  32. Emmett (Means “universal” or “truth.” Hebrew, German, English origin.)
  33. Everett (Means “brave, strong boar.” Old English.)
  34. Fletcher (English, Scottish, and Irish origin)
  35. Flynn (Irish)
  36. Ford (Old English)
  37. Foster (English)
  38. Gage (Means “oath, pledge.” French.)
  39. Gannon (Irish)
  40. Gatlin (Means “companion.” English.)
  41. Gavin (Means “Godsend” or “white hawk.” Celtic.)
  42. Gibson (English)
  43. Grady (Means “noble, illustrious.” Irish.)
  44. Granger (English and French)
  45. Greyson (Old English)
  46. Hendrix (Popularised by famous 60s rocker Jimi Hendrix)
  47. Huckleberry (American)
  48. Hudson (English)
  49. Hugo (Means “mind.” Germanic origin.)
  50. Huxley (Old English)
  51. Ingram (Means “raven of peace; raven of Anglia.” Scandinavian and Old English.)
  52. Jase (Means “the Lord is salvation.” Greek.)
  53. Jasper (Means “bringer of treasure.” Persian.)
  54. Jensen ( Scandinavian)
  55. Jett (English)
  56. Judd (English)
  57. Kadon (Scottish)
  58. Keon (Persian or Gaelic Irish origin)
  59. Kian (Gaelic, Persian)
  60. Killian (Irish)
  61. King (Old English)
  62. Lachlan (Irish)
  63. Landon (English)
  64. Landry (Means “ruler.” Anglo-Saxon.)
  65. Lennox (Scottish and Gaelic origin)
  66. Leon (Means “lion.” Greek.)
  67. Levi (Means “joined in harmony.” Hebrew.)
  68. Logan (Scottish)
  69. Luka (Slavic; Italian)
  70. Maddox (Welsh)
  71. Maverick (Means “independent, nonconformist.” American.)
  72. Milo (Means “soldier.” English.”
  73. Nigel (Means “champion.” Spanish.)
  74. Nolan (Means “champion.” Irish.)
  75. Oswald (Means “God’s power.” German.)
  76. Paxton (Means “peace.” English)
  77. Perry (English)
  78. Quincy (Old French)
  79. Ronan (Means “little seal.” Irish.)
  80. Sebastian (Means “venerable.” Greek.)
  81. Silas (Means “forest, woods.” Latin.)
  82. Sterling (Means “genuine, of high quality.” English.)
  83. Tag (Means “handsome.” Irish.)
  84. Talon (English)
  85. Tate (Means “cheerful.” English; Norse.)
  86. Thiago (Portuguese)
  87. Tobias (Means “God is good.” Greek.)
  88. Topher (Means “bearing Christ.” Greek.) 
  89. Tripp (Means “the third.” American.)
  90. Ulysses (From the James Joyce novel. Latin origin.)
  91. Vance (Old English)
  92. Wells (English)
  93. Wes (old English)
  94. Wesley (Anglo-Norman)
  95. Yuvan (Means “strong and healthy.” Indian)
  96. Zane (Means “God is gracious.” Arabic.)

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Unique Baby Names For Girls

  1. Aaliya (Means “exalted.” Muslim and Hebrew.)
  2. Adeline (Means “noble.” French.)
  3. Aisley (Anglo-Saxon)
  4. Amabella (Means “lovable.” French, Latin)
  5. Anastasia (Means “resurrection.” Greek.)
  6. Aspen (English)
  7. Aubrie (Means “fair ruler of the little people.” Old German.)
  8. Aurora (Means “dawn.” Latin.)
  9. Birdie (English, Swedish)
  10. Blakely (A creative twist on Blake.)
  11. Brielle (Means “heroine of God.” Hebrew.)
  12. Cadence (Means “with rhyme.” Latin.)
  13. Catarina (The Italian version of Catherine) 
  14. Claudia (Ancient Rome)
  15. Cleo (Means “glory.” English.)
  16. Cora (Means “girl, maiden, daughter.” Ancient Greece.)
  17. Cordelia (Means “heart; daughter of the sea.” From the Shakespeare play ‘King Lear.’)
  18. Cressida (Means “gold.” Greek. From the Shakespeare play ‘Troilus and Cressida’)
  19. Danica (Means “the morning star.” Slavic.
  20. Daniya (Means “near” or “close.” Arabic)
  21. Darby (Means “free from envy.” Irish.)
  22. Davina (Means “beloved.” Scottish and Hebrew origin.
  23. Desiree (Means “desired, wished.” French.)
  24. Edyn (Means “the place of pleasure” in Hebrew. Strong biblical roots)
  25. Elodie (Means “marsh flower.” French and Greek.)
  26. Elora (Means “sunray.” Greek.)
  27. Evangeline (Means “bearer of good news.” Greek.)
  28. Everleigh (Means “from The Boar Meadow.” English.)
  29. Genevieve (Means “Woman of the race.” Germanic or Celtic origin.)
  30. Harlow (Means “protector of the people.”)
  31. Harmony (Harmony was the mythical daughter of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.)
  32. Harper (English, Scottish, and Irish)
  33. Hartley (Old English)
  34. Haven (Means “Safe place or refuge.” Old English.)
  35. Henley (English)
  36. Imogen (Means “maiden.” Irish and Gaelic)
  37. Inez (Means “pure, virginal.” Spanish and Portuguese.)
  38. Iona (Welsh and Scottish.)
  39. Isla (meaning “island.” Spanish, Scottish.)
  40. Jaydah (Comes from the name of the precious green stone.)
  41. Jemima (Means “dove.” Hebrew.)
  42. Jessabelle (Contested meaning. Many say it means “beautiful” and “wicked.” Hebrew.) 
  43. Joslyn (Old German)
  44. Juno (Means “queen of heaven.” Latin.)
  45. Kaia (Means “earth.” Greek.)
  46. Kalliope (Means “beautiful voice.” Greek.)
  47. Kensington (English)
  48. Kinsley (Means “King’s meadow.” British.)
  49. Leighton (Means “meadow town.” English.)
  50. Liberty (Means “freedom.” English.)
  51. Lizbeth (Means “God’s promise.” British.)
  52. Lorelai (Means “alluring enchantress. German.)
  53. Lux (Means “light.” Latin.)
  54. Magnolia (Latin)
  55. Makiya (Means “who is like Yahweh.” Hebrew.)
  56. Marceline (Means “dedicated to Mars.” Latin.)
  57. Maren (Means “star of the sea.” Latin.)
  58. Margot (Means “pearl.” Greek.)
  59. Melina (Means “honey.” Greek.)
  60. Nala (Your favorite female lion)
  61. Naomi (Means “pleasantness.” Hebrew.)
  62. Nariyah (Means “gift of God.” Hebrew.)
  63. Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backward)
  64. Nia (Means “purpose, bright.” Welsh.)
  65. Nola (Irish, Gaelic)
  66. Octavia (Feminine form of Octavius. Latin.)
  67. Olive (Conjures the image of an olive branch, the ultimate symbol of peace.)
  68. Ophelia (From the Shakespeare play ‘Hamlet.’ Greek.)
  69. Paisley (Scottish)
  70. Phaedra (Means “bright.” A Cretan princess. Greek.)
  71. Piper (English)
  72. Presley (English)
  73. Primrose (Means “first rose.” Middle English.)
  74. Rayne (Means “counsel; song.” Scandinavian.)
  75. Renata (Means “reborn.” European.)
  76. Rosalie (French)
  77. Seraphina (Means “ardent; fiery.” Hebrew.)
  78. Serena (Means “clear, tranquil, serene.” Latin, Greek.)
  79. Simone (Means “God had heard.” Hebrew.)
  80. Sloane (Means “raider.” Irish.)
  81. Solana (Means “sunlight or eastern wind.” Spanish.)
  82. Sutton (English)
  83. Taissa (Russian and Greek)
  84. Tallulah (Native American)
  85. Tegan (Means “Attractive, beautiful, or perfect.” Irish.)
  86. Tirzah (Means “delight.” From the Old Testament.)
  87. Topaz (Means “golden gem.” Latin.)
  88. Ursula (From the Shakespeare play ‘Much Ado About Nothing.’)
  89. Veda (Means “knowledge or wisdom.” Sanskrit.)
  90. Vienna (Latin)
  91. Viola (Means “purple.” Latin. From Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night.’)
  92. Vivienne or Vivian (Means “life.” French.)
  93. Willa (Means “resolute protection.” German.)
  94. Winter (English)
  95. Yara (Means “small butterfly.” Arabic and Brazilian.)
  96. Yitty (Means “light.” Yiddish.)
  97. Zelda (Means “strong woman.” German.)
  98. Zola (Italian)
  99. Zosia (Means “vital.” Greek.)
  100. Zuri (Means “beautiful.” Swahili.)

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Unisex Unique Baby Names

  1. Ari (Means “lion.” Hebrew.)
  2. Ashton (Old English)
  3. Avery (Old English)
  4. Azure (Means “bright blue.” Spanish.)
  5. Bailey (Means “A public officer of justice.” English, French.)
  6. Billie (German)  
  7. Blair (English, Scottish, Celtic)
  8. Blu (Means “Powerful.” Indian (Sanskrit) origin.)
  9. Cassidy (Means “Having curly hair; clever” Irish, Celtic)
  10. Collins (Scottish, Greek, and Irish origins)
  11. Dakota (Means “friendly.” Native American origin.)
  12. Ellis (Means “benevolent.” English, Welsh.)
  13. Emerson (German)
  14. Greer (Means “Alert or watchful.” Scottish.)
  15. Halo (Means “Pure light, divine.” Latin.)
  16. Hayden (English)
  17. Hunter (English)
  18. Indigo (Greek)
  19. Kai (Means “sea.” Hawaiian.)
  20. Kennedy (Means “helmeted chief or leader.”  Irish.)
  21. Kieran (Irish)
  22. Kylar (Gaelic)
  23. Lane (English)
  24. Marley (Means “pleasant seaside meadow.” English.)
  25. Marlow (Old English)
  26. Mason (English)
  27. Monroe (Scottish and Gaelic)
  28. Oakley (Old English)
  29. Phoenix (Greek)
  30. Reagan (Means “Little ruler, child of the king” Irish, Scottish, Celtic.)
  31. Rebel (French)
  32. Remington (English)
  33. Ricky or Rikki (Means “Eternal ruler, peaceful leader” English, American, German.)
  34. River (English)
  35. Robin (Means “Famed or bright.” English)
  36. Rory (Means “Red ruler or chief; famous brilliance.” Irish, Celtic, Gaelic.)
  37. Rowan (Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, Scottish)
  38. Royal (Means “Of The King. English.)
  39. Ryder (Means “knight.” English.)
  40. Rylan (English)
  41. Sage (Means “Wise one or prophet.” Latin)
  42. Sasha (Means “Defender of humankind.” Greek, Russian.)
  43. Sawyer (English)
  44. Saylor (German)
  45. Scout (Old French)
  46. Shay (Means “admirable, hawk-like, and gift.” Hebrew.
  47. Shiloh (Means “Peaceful; God’s gift.” Hebrew.)
  48. Skylar (Means “noble scholar.” English)
  49. Sloane (Means “From a tribe of warriors.” Irish-Gaelic.)
  50. Stormi (Means “impetuous nature.” American)
  51. Suri (Means “princess.” Hebrew.) 
  52. Tanner (English)
  53. Tennyson (As in the British poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Middle English.)
  54. Trinity (Refers to the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.)
  55. Tru (Means “Strength of the spear.” Germanic.) 


Final Say

Hopefully, this comprehensive list helped you find the perfect name! If not, maybe some of the Shakespearean, globally-inspired names will inspire you.

You can be creative and put your own spin on names with regards to spelling and pronunciation, when it comes to unique baby names. Remember though, your child will have to live with your decision forever … so, why not put some thought and effort into it and pick something unique and special?

Even if you’re still undecided on a name, you’ve got plenty more preparation to do before your baby arrives. Make sure you read our baby checklist article to help you get everything in place to welcome home your newborn.

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