The Best Stroller for Air Travel – 8 Best Single and Double Strollers for Vacation

Vacations and travels are a special kind of issue when you have a newborn or a toddler that still uses a stroller. With a high number of products on the market, it might seem impossible to find the best stroller for air travel. Don’t panic – we’re here to help.

Having the right kind of stroller for travel will make leaving home much more convenient. You’ll need a minimalistic product that will have most high-end features of traditional strollers – but with a twist.

If you are someone who is constantly on the go and need or want to take your child with you, getting the best stroller for air travel is a necessity.

 It will make your life much simpler and your travel a bit more fun.

Here are 8 strollers that are perfect for travelling via airplane:

Top 4 Single Strollers

Single strollers are designed for one passenger. These are usually a lightweight option, but some can weigh quite a lot depending on their material. Here are 4 best single strollers for traveling via airplane:

1. Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller

If you’re looking for the best lightweight stroller for air travel, this might be the perfect option for you. It weighs only 13 lbs, making it easy to carry around no matter where you go. At the same time, it maintains a budget-friendly price, which is a huge advantage. 

It’s easy to fold with just one hand, which is an important function for people looking for good products for air travel. You don’t want to buy something that takes too long to pack. Once packed, it cannot stand on its own, but it automatically locks into place, ensuring safety.

Not just that, but this stroller has decent storage that is easy to access. This can come in handy later on, as you won’t have to carry as many bags with you. Just pack everything into the stroller once you get it out of the plane, and you’re good to go. 

The sunshade isn’t too big, but it comes with a reflective pop out visor. Still, this fairly small size makes it easier to pack and unpack, so it can fit into the storage department easier.

+ Lightweight
+ One-hand collapse
+ Decent storage
+ Auto-lock
+ Reclining seat
– Doesn’t self-stand
– Low quality canopy
– Bad strap covers

2. Babyzen YOYO2

This is an amazing luxury stroller for people who want to travel in style. Not only are its dimensions fitting most airplanes, but its lightweight and portable and it will take up less space than most travel bags!

It comes with a fairly large canopy with a peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your newborn or a toddler. The storage is large and you can fit most things inside without the need to carry an additional bag. Also, you can access it from both front and back. 

This stroller comes with the 0+ or 6+ sets. The 0+ is suitable for newborns, while the 6+ is to be used for babies older than 6 months and no heavier than 40 lbs. At the same time, it can accommodate an infant car seat if you use the car seat adapters. This way, the stroller can become a travel system. Sure, you can hardly use it in a plane, but it can come in handy.

The seat has a multi position recline so it can stay comfortable, and everything can be folded with one hand only. 

+ Lightweight
+ Large canopy
+ Multi-position recline
+ Great storage
– Not suitable for all terrains
– Might not fit all airplanes standards
– Could be more robust

3. gb Pockit+ All-Terrain

This is an amazing product for anyone looking for the best collapsible stroller on the market. You can collapse it entirely in a matter of seconds! Once folded, it will fit the overhead bin on most planes. At the same time, it’s lightweight, so you can carry it around with ease.

This stroller is effortless to fold, lift, and even maneuver around. However, to achieve this, the manufacturer sacrificed some fancy features other strollers have. For example, you cannot recline the seat, and the canopy isn’t large, so it will likely protect your child only above their knees. Still, this is hardly something you can’t live without.

The storage is also a bit limited, but you’ll likely be able to put most necessary items inside of it. On the other hand, it has a great weight capacity, as it is suitable for children up to 55 lbs. It isn’t recommended for newborns, though, but children from the age of 6 can ride in it without any issues.

Overall, this is an amazing stroller for anyone looking for a compact product that will do its job without any additional features or accessories.

+ Lightweight
+ Good age and weight range
+ Recline options
+ Easy to fold and compact
– Weak joints
– Challenging to unfold
– No extra features

4. Cybex Libelle Stroller

This is yet another entirely compact stroller perfect for plane travels. It has a one-hand fold, so you can quickly and effortlessly pack it for your trip. It is compact enough to fit almost all overhead bins, and you can carry it around with you.

When it comes to comfort, the Cybex Libelle stroller will suit most of your child’s needs. It has a reclining seat, so you can set it to the position your kid will love. Also, the footrest is adjustable, so they might even nap on the go – and sometimes, this is all you need during travel time. 

The storage is large, and you can fit the extra-large diaper package in the under-seat basket. Thanks to this, you won’t have to carry around heavy bags. The canopy has two panels and it’s large enough to protect most of your kid’s body from the sun, so it’s great if you’re travelling to the seaside. 

If you buy an adapter, you can use this stroller as a car seat with either CYBEX or gb infant car seats. As for the age limit, the manufacturer recommends this stroller for kids who can sit up unassisted. This is usually 6 months or older. The upper weight limit is 48.5 lbs.  

+ Easy to fold
+ Excellent large storage
+ Great sun canopy
+ Adjustable footrest and seat
– Uncomfortable harness straps
– Seat doesn’t fully recline
– High handlebar

Top 4 Double Strollers

Double strollers are strollers made for two persons. Whether you have twins or struggle to keep up with your newborn and a toddler, they are the best choice for a parent with two young kids that require strollers. 

These strollers are even more useful than single strollers, as they’ll help you with both of your kids for one price. Choosing the best double stroller for travel is one of the first steps you’d want to do if you plan a trip with your little ones. Here are 4 products we recommend:

1. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Buggy

 If you’re looking for a good product for your two little kids, this might be the best stroller for air travel for you. It is designed for two kids that are close in age or twins and is compatible with most travel systems. 

While the body is fairly lightweight, it’s sturdy and durable. While the folding is a bit challenging, once you’ve collapsed it you can use the Velcro strap to hold everything together. Unfolding is much more straightforward, and all it takes is undoing the Velcro, unclipping one hook, then pulling the steering bar up. 

It is rather compact and can easily fit any storage bins on the plane. This can be surprising, especially when you have a double stroller. Not just that, but it comes with a strap. Once you’ve folded it, you can simply carry it over your shoulder everywhere you go. 

At the same time, it’s easy to push and comfortable for kids, so it will truly be of great value on your vacation.

+ Lightweight
+ Easy to push
+ Compact when folded
+ Strap for easy transport
– Challenging to fold
– Can not be used with car seat
– Seats are very close to each other

2. Zoe Twin+ (Zoe XL2) Stroller

The Zoe Twin+ can easily be the most compact double stroller out there. In fact, you can fit it through most door frames even before you fold it! It’s narrow, lightweight, and you can fold it using just one hand. 

The storage is great and you can carry most of your things inside the storage bin. There is even a cup holder for the parent, and the snack holder for the child. The manufacturer seems to have thought about everything when designing this product.

This stroller is best suited for kids that can sit on their own, which is usually over 6 months. It has the weight capacity of 45 lbs per seat, which is usually all you’ll need. 

A unique feature is that you can add more seats to this stroller. In fact, it can hold up to four seats, making it a great choice for an entire family. Not to mention that it’s approved by Disney! If you have a large family, this is certainly a product worth considering.

+ Compact
+ Comes with many pockets
+ You can add up to two additional seats
+ Disney approved
– Not suitable for all terrains
– Seats are small
– Bad maneuverability

3. Jeep Scout Double Stroller

If you consider popularity as a sign of quality, this can easily be the best stroller for air travel – at least according to Amazon. It has more than 1,400 reviews – and most of them are utterly positive!

This is one of the most lightweight double strollers out there, as it weighs only 18.3 lbs. This lightweight frame, however, is rather sturdy and durable, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the build. And it’s very competitively priced compared to its rivals.

The stroller is effortless to fold and very easy to maneuver with its cushioned handles. It’s good for most terrains, which is something that can be rare for double strollers that usually tend to be a bit more sensitive to bumps and sudden turns. Taller parents may struggle as the handles are not adjustable.

This product comes with two large hanging storage bags for your and your kids’ personal belongings, and it also has a cup holder for parents. The canopy is large, European-styled, and it can protect your child from the sun. The harness has soft shoulder pads, adding to the comfort level. At the same time, this is yet another stroller that meets Disney size requirements.

+ Budget friendly
+ Cushioned handles and soft shoulder pads
+ Easy to maneuver
+ Disney approved
– Recommended for children up to 35lbs only
– Seat doesn’t fully recline
– Not very adjustable

4. Joovy Kooper X2 Double Stroller

This can easily be the largest stroller on our list, but it still remains lightweight enough to be suitable for travels. You can fold it in three steps, making it super compact. It can easily fit into the back of your vehicle – and, more importantly, airplane storage. 

When it comes to storage, Joovy Kooper X2 has two trays and a large storage basket with a weight capacity of 22 lbs. This means you can pack most of your belongings and forget about bringing additional bags. In fact, at the time of writing this article, this is the only compact stroller in the entire US that has two foldable trays. As if this wasn’t enough, it comes with deep cup holders, as well. 

The wheels are rather large, allowing this stroller to be good for most terrains. No matter where you’re travelling, you can be certain it will come in handy. The umbrellas are fairly large, and the seats are wide, giving lots of elbow space. Adjustable leg rests also provide additional comfort.

This stroller is designed for kids from 3 months old until they weigh 50 lbs. This is the largest age range on our entire list, and you can even use it for two kids of similar age and not just twins.

+ Comfortable
+ Spacious
+ Great storage
+ Amazing age range
– Brake is poor quality
– Small canopy
– Wobbly wheels

Why Do You Need the Best Stroller for Air Travel?

Getting yourself a stroller for air travel isn’t necessary, but it can highly help you, especially if you’re someone that travels a lot. No matter if you love visiting new places or have a family member you need to visit often, going on travel with a child can be stressful.

Strollers can help you look after your child. They will also help a kid go to distances they otherwise couldn’t. When travelling, we tend to walk a lot more, and this can be a challenge for a small child. 

Regular strollers, however, tend to be too bulky and heavy for planes. You’d have to pack and fold them and to pack everything. Not to mention that some strollers simply aren’t fit for planes!

Getting the best stroller for air travel is of huge help for everyone who goes by plane a lot. While your toddler won’t use it inside the plane, it will be of huge help once you land. This is why you should consider getting one for you and your little one.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking to buy the best stroller for air travel, there are a few features you need to look for. A travel stroller should be easy to take with you on a plane and provide you with comfort, not additional issues. 

Many kids, especially toddlers, cannot go long walking distances (most will get tired after 5-10 minutes), and carrying them around can be a challenge. This is where strollers come into play. In the end, you might find out that your kid is spending more time in a stroller while on a vacation instead at home. This is why it’s essential you get what’s best for them.

Here are a few features to look for in strollers for air travel:


Chances are you’ll end up carrying your stroller around a lot. You’ll need a stroller that is lightweight, so it doesn’t pose a burden on you. 

Many strollers tend to be heavy, as consumers think that heavy-weight also means high-quality, but this is not the case. There are many durable, high-end products made from fine plastic or aluminum, giving them sturdiness yet keeping them light. 

Overall, you should be able to carry your stroller in one hand only. 

Easy to Fold

Almost all modern strollers are foldable. This isn’t any fancy feature, but something that is more or less mandatory. However, some are easier to fold than others.

If it takes you too long to fold a stroller, it might be a nuisance while packing for the trip and boarding it on the plane. You want a product that you can fold quickly, preferably with one hand only. 


Once collapsed, the best stroller for air travel should stay compact. This way, you’ll be able to pack it in tight storage containers on planes. If a stroller is too big even after collapsing it, you might have problems finding a place for it.

Ample Canopy

If you travel via plane, chances are you’re going to some exotic location with lots of sun. Even if you’re not, most people will go long walking distances while away from home, and this can leave your bundles of joy exposed to severe sun.

All travel strollers should have an ample canopy that can protect your child’s entire body, or at least up to their knees. Anything shorter than that means additional maintenance and care, and you want to make things as simple as possible.

Adjustable Seat

Unlike everyday strollers, most people won’t use travel strollers every day for years. Because of this, they don’t need to be a perfect fit – but they should still be adjustable. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying lots of money for a stroller just to end up selling it next year as your child overgrew it. 

Easy to Carry

Other than weight, there are more things that can make a stroller convenient to carry around. For example, the best stroller for air travel should have a built-in strap so you can lift and carry it easily. 

If anything else, a stroller should come with a separate carrying case. While this is an additional step, it’s still something you need to consider. 

Check out our Ultimate Stroller Buying Guide if you need more general help with choosing your next stroller.


How to pack a stroller for air travel?

According to the USA Today, there are a few steps to proper packing of your best stroller for air travel. To make sure everything is done right, follow these steps:

  • Remove the car seat and make sure it’s FAA approved for airline travel. You can use this seat in the plane itself.
  • Tie the handle in place.
  • Wrap the seat in a plastic garbage bag to keep it clean and safe. 
  • If you want to put your child in the stroller right after you land, take it directly to the gate.
  • Adjust the stroller and make sure it’s on the flattest settings. 
  • Secure it with a few pieces of twine to keep it from opening. 
  • Enclose it in a large bag (a garbage bag will do) or ask a flight attendant for commercial plastic-wrapping services.
  • Your stroller will likely land on the area intended for oversized baggage. 

What are stroller requirements for air travel?

There are a few requirements your stroller has to meet for you to carry it with you on a plane. This includes:

  • Not exceeding 10 inches in a collapsed diameter
  • Not exceeding 36 inches in length
  • Carry-on allowance granted (as specified by your airline)

REMEMBER: Always double-check these requirements with your specific airline when you book your ticket as there can be some variations between airlines.

Do you need stroller bags for air travel?

Stroller bags aren’t necessary for air travel (most of the time). However, they will be convenient and will help you with packing and carrying your stroller around. 

Not just that, but stroller bags will keep your stroller safe from damage, something that can happen on longer flights. At the same time, they’ll ensure no dirt gets on the stroller, keeping it as clean as it was before packing. Both of these are important tasks that are impossible to do without a stroller bag.